Want to help out with beta testing a new weather application? Sure you do. MIUI Weather is now available for download and the developers are of course looking for some help with finding any bugs that may exist in the app itself. Basically, you get a pretty awesome weather app that may -- or may not work when you want it to. That's part of the joy of beta testing though. If you're interested in helping out, you can hit the source link for more details. You can also jump on past the break for some more sexy screenshots. [MIUI Dev via  XDA] Thanks, everyone who sent this in!


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MIUI Weather Beta now available for download


Dl'd appropriate apk for my state.

Run Package Installer.

"Application not installed" is all I can get from it.

**Samsung Vibrant running froyo.

You do not click on it to install it.
You need to be rooted.
Push it to /system/app (using Root Explorer).

Long press the .apk after you push it, find the option for permissions and make sure the x's and o's look like:


Reboot and you should have it in the apps list.

thanks, i'll give it a shot. also noticed there were some instructions on xda that i hadn't checked out yet either.

HI, Can you please explain how to push a file? Does this involve a command line, or are you speaking of pasting the file to the location indicated? I could not find a Paste option in Root Explorer.

I live in VA, work in DC, and are often in MD. Which apk do I download? This isn't the only metro area that straddles multiple states that may or may not be alphabetically near each other...

That is a relatively small area though..VA,DC,MD. Does the weather change a great deal between those 3? Just pick one.

This is just a beta. Not all features are working properly yet. Geolocation will work eventually in a future update.

I rely on the geo feature of the stock widget.. I'll just keep using that till this is final

Actually, the weather is different between those areas. Northern Va weather (Manassas) will be different than an area like Montgomery County or D.C. I'd select D.C. to be in the middle.

It's the MIUI ROM default launcher.

MIUI is a nice ROM, but was too iPhoney for me, so back to CM7 I went... :D

Thanks nblackst for the easy instructions. Worked like a charm with my rooted Evo and the graphics are amazing.

Ian B

I would love to try this, but it won't install for me. I tried moving it to system\app, but even after pressing Mount R/W in Root Explorer, I have no options to paste the file.

As for adb and pushing files, I have no idea how to do that.

Am running the latest Verizon update on a rooted Droid X.

OK, I was finally able to paste the .apk file into the right location, and this time I could paste it. I backed out of that Paste operation for some reason, which was why the function wasn't available. I changed the permissions as indicated above and am rebooting now. The DX came up fine and MIUI appears in the Apps drawer. However, it is force closing on me and slow to respond.