MIUI is not the ROM for everyone, we get that.  But for those that do enjoy using it, things just got a little better -- Xiaomi has decided to release the source code changes and is in the process of open-sourcing the project.  As of the time of this writing, you'll find the core patches to things like the framework and the make files as well as code for the file explorer, notes app, compass app, and sound recorder at MiCode's github pages.  An official sounding announcement on the MIUI Android blog says to expect code for more applications in the "very near future".  Hooray!

MIUI is more than just a custom ROM.  Xiaomi builds and releases phones in China running the heavily customized version of Android, and through the hard work of their development team and independent developers, the builds have been modified to work with many phones we're familiar with here in the rest of the world.  It's a big change from the stock look and feel of Android, and some say it has a very Apple-esque vibe about it.  Have a look at a review of MIUI for the Nexus S and see what we're talking about.  This is a far cry from a developer adding in a few custom tweaks to the AOSP -- we're talking a very big rewrite much like HTC, Motorola, Samsung and LG do with their custom builds of Android.  The difference is that MIUI has now decided to share with everyone.

Building MIUI isn't going to be something that most of us will do.  But your favorite ROM developers, especially those that work with MIUI for various devices already, now have a whole new toolbox at their disposal.  Look for more, and better, builds of MIUI to come from this, as well as some features and options from MIUI to make their way into more customs ROMs everywhere.  Good news all around.

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MIUI ROM is going open-source


If America was as friendly with China as american independent devs are as friendly with China's MIUI devs, this would have been news almost 2yrs ago.

You mean steal a bunch of technology from Palm Pre, make it shiny and white then sue the pants off anyone that make a device that lights up or makes phone calls?

Phew, thanks man. I was thinking I might have to wade through an AC comment section without Apple bashing. You came through.

Loved the rom on my droid Incredible.

Not so much on the new nexus though. It was rather crap experience there. But hopefully it gets better support now!

I can't stand MIUI, but this is exactly what I love about Android. Because of the options available to those of us who use Android, if we don't like one offering, there are tons of other options available. Keep up the great work MIUI Team.

I LOVED MIUI as long as you install a different launcher. It does android way different, but very well. Unfortunately some items like 720p recording and other things were missing. I miss the messaging program it uses. it's better than handcent and the stock messaging programs. Hopefully we'll be able to get that out as an apk to load on this senseless rom I'm using.

I love MIUI so much. This makes me so happy. Coolest way to start out is first have the software developed and let the enthusiasm build for the OS/UI and then start up a hardware company and make millions of phones with that software. Then open source it so it gets expanding for people who want it. Along the way make it so customizable with themes, icons, lock screen styles etc...millions of options. It is so perfect for those OCD ppl like me!

I would love to see a miui rom come out that was a hybrid between stock & current miui. For those who think it's to muck like iOS, just theme it. The great thing about miui is that every part if the ui is themed! (not to mention the incredible battery life).

A lot of people down play MIUI because the stock launcher is iPhone-ish but if you swap launchers you can actually appreciate some of the goodies under the hood. The the Ming system implemented is very good. Also maybe the the battery stats could be pushed to AOSP since it actually works on MIUI...

It can't be helped. Those guys in China love iOS so much that they like to make Android look like iOS much more than other people - look at Espier and, of course, MIUI.

MIUI absolutely Rocks and nothing comes close ...not even IOS. Wife uses it on her Nook Color and can stand proudly next to any iPad when it comes to look and feel and be even more functional.

Im also hoping they workout the 4g issues though in my area it is unavailable and just a gimic sales pitch and only usable if your downloading large files all the time, which most of us don't or have a spare battery to survive 4g abuse.

Yes I'm also hoping cyanogen mod gets involved and can mix their CM9 stuff and MIUI look and feel that has no comparison and I've used them all. My DROID Bionic needs this badly (sadly) and open sourcing MIUI should help tremendously. THANKS!!! Sorli...

I love MIUI and love the easy and fun user interface. It has so many ways to customize your phone. I know this decision will even make it better. My wife loves it on her Samsung Epic 4G and is addicted to the endless customizations. GO MIUI!!!!!!!!