If you somehow missed it — off-planet, perhaps — yesterday was LG G3 day in six cities around the world. We were on hand at the main event in London, the results of which LG has recorded for posterity, and which we present above.

As for our own part, we've got a few must reads:

We still have some time before the G3 hits retail, but we've got you covered. Anything else you want us to work up? Sing out in the comments.


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Miss the LG G3 event? Watch it here!


The video is too long to watch on my G2. It's battery isn't that good enough to watch that and still get me through the end of the day. I'll finish it up at home.

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Does the quick circle case stay shut via magnets or something else? Or does it just flop open like the g2 case does?

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This phone just kills the competition. With such an awesome hardware running LG's custom skin which has been nicely polished and optimized on a QHD display is just mind blowing. You won't get a better phone for the rest of 2014 at the least. I'm going gaga over this phone already even though I use its older brother, the LG G2.