Minecraft on Android - Might look a little something like this...

Game developer Mojang recently revealed that Minecraft, its insanely popular sandbox building game, will be coming to mobile devices running Android and iOS. Mojang's Danial Kaplan said that the developer had considered delegating the mobile version of Minecraft to a third-party developer but ultimately decided to keep things in-house.

Despite technically still being in beta, Minecraft was one of the most popular indie games of 2010 selling its millionth copy in early January of this year. Mojang aims to launch Minecraft on Android later this year. [Kotaku]

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techh10 says:

nooooooo i am always on minecraft on my pc....now the addicting horribleness is coming to my evo and nook color...noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

enzofall says:

I love two things in this world. Android and Minecraft. I am in heaven.


mimstyle says:

Good news !

hanq2000 says:

Wow... then people not gonna pick up the phone...

hanq2000 shut up troll

"Later this year" ?? Is that the best they can do? Does that mean I may have to wait until New Year's Eve?

Marshy says:

My battery life already sucks. Goodbye to my phone ever being on now.

Cretz says:

Minecraft and Netflix are the two essential apps that are keeping me from getting a tablet.

Azurescens says:

I wonder what they'll do with the control scheme to make it work on a touchscreen?