Microsoft is looking to get some of its Android OneNote users to try out upcoming beta versions of its popular note taking app through a newly announced feedback program.

Android OneNote users who are interested in trying out beta versions of the app can go ahead and join the OneNote for Android Beta Program Google+ community, and then click on the 'Become a tester' link. Microsoft says, "Once completed, you are all set and will receive an update the day we release the Beta."

Microsoft hasn't released a new version of OneNote for Android in over three months so this new beta testing program will likely be a way for power users of the software to get new versions, with additional features, quicker. The beta program is part of an overall effort by Microsoft to get more feedback from OneNote users as a whole.

If you are a OneNote user, do you plan to sign up for the Android beta testing program?

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Microsoft wants beta testers for Android version of OneNote


I've been a long time Evernote user but started using OneNote a few month ago because Evernote has a very poor editor on Android and they are not addressing it. Although Evernote still has more features I highly prefer OneNote for daily usage on Android so I hope they continue to improve the feature set.

I loved using OneNote on Windows 8 when I was in school, very good app that's cross platform so I could access my notes on other devices.

Didn't use it on Android ever since I had an iPad when I was still in school. I really do not like android tablets as a whole, it just doesn't seem quite ready for me at the moment, Windows 8.X tablets not RT are definitely the way to go for me now.

The phone interface for OneNote from what I recall was very poor the info would be there but the formatting was completely gone, mostly color coordination type of things.

I'm in Thailand and one note is not available in my country... What nonsense why? I have it on my windows 8 purchased in Thailand.
Microsoft needs a wake up there's thousands of Americans overseas.

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Hello - this is an ANDROID site.

If you want MS pap - go there. Who tests MS crap from Android?

MS has a proven business model. Steal from others, make it V1, give it out free and then (in this case) tie it to their useless windows and 365 crap.

Ain't happening. Not now. Not ever.