Snoop Dogggg

MetroPCS has just launched an ... interesting ad campaign to promote its upcoming LTE-rocking Samsung Indulge. Snoop Dogg himself takes on a trio of personalities as possible matches for a woman on a dating show, each with more "G"s in his name - and thus is more attractive. Asked about "the 4 Gs" in his name, Snoop explains that "lately the speed of my hustle has increased exceptionally, and I've had to amp up my Gs to facilitate my needs." Honestly, we couldn't make this up if we tried. Catch the video past the break. [YouTube]



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MetroPCS hires Snoop 'DoGGGG' to help promote the 4G Samsung Indulge


Those aren't borderline racist ads; they are brazenly, categorically racist ads. Shame on whomever is behind them. There's probably too little work out there for south asian actors to fault them. I do like the snoop spot though. It's probably too much of an inside joke to be an effective marketing campaign.

Hahaha...what the hell was that?! I haven't been that dumbfounded by something since a racoon ran in front of my car, and I swore it was wearing a little knitted sweater. That was meant to sell a phone? I still have my head cocked to the side like a dog hearing a noise. Snoop does crack me up though.

It's the D-O-quadruple G, tryin' to sell a cell phone to me. 4Gzers this yearzers for me to download shiiizer much fasterzer.

Unfortunately, it's not Verizon. So he can sell that shiiizer to himself, fo' shizzle.

Snoop Dogggg and Warren G had to regulate. Star studded commercial. Ted W. fresh from rehab with new teeth looking flyer than some now n later gators

Snoop is selling Pepsi too. They're trying to court the young rap music fan crowd. I guess the old ads were meant to court immigrants from India? Or maybe not. SHRUG.

I think that it is more to tap into the resentment felt by many Americans towards Indians, whom many mistakenly feel are responsible for the economic dislocations and insecurity brought about by outsourcing of many formerly well-paying jobs.