Metro PCS LG Spirit

Metro PCS has announced it'll carry the LG Spirit, a 4.5-inch Android 4.0 smartphone with 4G LTE data. It's powered by a dual core processor running at 1.2GHz, has a 2150 mAh battery and sports a 5-megapixel rear camera and a 1.3MP shooter up front. The Spirit is available online and in stores today for $199 (after a $70 mail-in rebate). Metro PCS' no-contract plans start at $40 a month.

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Reader comments

Metro PCS gets the LG Spirit 4G


Honestly they were probably lazy with it, because it's a mid to low range phone.
Also if the hardware is slower, it says dual-core, which has a wide range of performance, depending on the chip, but no mention of ram. You need a minimum of 1 GB for Jelly Bean and even then on older dual-core chips it can be pretty slow. GSM Galaxy Nexus users have noticed some lag for instance.

The people buying this phone probably don't care about what version of Android they are on. If they care about updates, then they should be purchasing a Nexus, anyway.

It has a Snapdragon S4 processor with 1 gig of RAM but still this device will never see Jelly Bean because Metro is too cheap to pay for a firmware upgrade.

I just wonder what even the point is, if, T-Mobile and Metro PCS really planning on merging and taking up the aggressive conversion from CDMA to GSM as slated previously. Regardless of what phone they have it's days theoretically are numbered anyway.

This phone was probably in the pipeline before the merger was finalized. Hence, they still have to release it to say that they did.

Also if the sale goes through ( I'm still hoping Sprint takes it ) T-mobile will phase them out by 2015 so Metro still has two years of phones and service to sell. Can't just give up because you sold yourself. You have a boss now so you have to make them money.

I think its pretty good value for MetroPCS users. I use to use them long ago and had to pay $350 for a Samsung Indulge which is much worse. Believe it or not there are developers for MetroPCS devices. MetroPCS still have an amazing value for some people that utilize it, which is unlimited international calling to many countries not offered by other major carriers. I wouldn't sign up for the data connectivity, but I don't know how much they've improved since.

I think this phone could potentially get Jelly Bean because I was watching an unboxing video and in its App Drawer it had a Software Update app. It could also just be for minor updates for ICS which I'd rather have than Gingerbread. In any case I still think this phone is a big improvement for Metro and hopefully we'll see even more better phones once the T-Mobile merger goes through.