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MediaFire has announced new pricing for their cloud storage service which is certainly competitive. They’re now offering a full terabyte for $5/month, and are knocking down that price by half as an early bird promotion. $2.50/month for a full terabyte of cloud storage with file sizes of up to 20GB is nothing to scoff at, and between a recently-refreshed desktop client and updated Android and iOS apps on the way, it very well may suit your needs.

I’ve been using MediaFire for awhile, and though it hasn’t managed to dislodge Dropbox from my day-to-day work (if only because Dropbox plugs into just about everything), MediaFire still manages to have a solid UI and has tons of storage available. Check out our price comparison of other cloud services to see what kind of prices you’ll be dealing with elsewhere.

It’s an uphill battle when dealing with giants like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon Cloud Drive in this sphere, but if nothing else, MediaFire is offering impressive bang for buck. Anyone interested? Even if it’s not used for day-to-day syncing, at that price it’s viable for long-term back-up. Head on over to MediaFire to sign up.


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MediaFire's new cloud storage plan offers 1TB of storage for $5/month


It says 50% off initial purchase, even yearly. I take it that means it's $2.49 only for the first month, or $24.99 only for the first year.

Imagine using it for one year, then having to transfer 1tb of files to another service down the line. This really requires a lifetime commitment....

I confirmed it with MediaFire the discount is only for the first month/year, depending on which payment option you choose. Then it goes back to regular price of $5/month or %49.99/year. If you pay yearly, you get 2 months free. I jumped on this before confirming, but I think I might keep it since the upload limit is 20Gb with the pro account. I don't think any of the other services have an upload limit that high. Correct me if I'm wrong about that last bit.

Stay away from back blaze!

First: they have lost 2/3 of my backup.
Second: it's a online backup - not a cloud storage. Not the same...

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Dropbox is really great, I can't use Google Drive at all, ever, once I learned they had aggressive DMCA policies - that is even if it LOOKS suspicious - they will rip it all down and you lose it, on top of their 'nothing risque let alone adult' policy, which means if I see an alluring picture that will promptly vanish if saved to my drive.

Mediafire is slowly becoming a lot like Dropbox, I love their site, but things tend to disappear there too. I'd hate to sign up for one of these and their policies suddenly turn anti-consumer, having to flee from cloud to cloud with my files? Eugh.

I thought it was Microsoft SkyDrive/OneDrive that had the "no adult" policy.

My question for Mediafire, as it is for everyone else, is how it deals with migrating to a new computer. Everyone but Dropbox requires you to either redownload or reupload your whole data set on the new machine. Think about how long that would take with a terabyte.

Dropbox lets you use either the lansync, or just copy the files over to the new computer manullay, and it just runs through a validation process. Using file hashes is a wonderful way to manage file sync.

I just decided to give Google Drive a shot and copied everything from my Dropbox to Drive. So now we're playing the waiting game to see how long before my p0rn collection disappears. But it's been two days and nothing's gone, so I hope they changed their policy

for $25 a year, it is worth it to me just to have the storage option. I signed up, can cancel later if i want to. I figure I will use it for backup of iTunes and crapola like that.

I'm still waiting for Google or Dropbox or Box to enable carrier billing for my monthly payment. First one to do that gets my money.

I use Mediafire to back up my home photos and videos (not my only backup, just one that gets it out of my house in case of fire or flood or something. Calm down) I'm almost full on my 250GB, so it's great that for no extra money I can upgrade to 1TB!

How do you fill up that amount of space? I have 8GB on Dropbox, I use it all the time on 4 machines, never maxed out. On Google Drive I'm using about 5% on the quota. I cannot imagine needing 1TB....

Last I saw, the public links that Mediafire uses contained quite a few ads and pop-ups. Does anyone know if they have redesigned that as well?

They state in their site that paid accounts have no ads. Just click UPGRADE in their site and you´ll see a table of the differences between free and paid plans.