When we last left Me in My Place, the photography series had just launched a web app that ... was a bit lacking on our Android devices. Great for iOS. Bad for us. No longer. The web app has undergone quite the overhaul, and we're happy to report it's working beautifully on Chrome.

What's the big deal? It's tough to read through Esquire magazine without seeing shots from the series' semi-mysterious mastermind, Michael Edwards, and MIMP (as it's known on the street) has come to have quite the following over the past couple years.

MIMP is a fun and flirty series, with the occasional celebrity mixed in among the less famous (but no less gorgeous) women from throughout the U.S. -- and more recently from around the world. The photography is casual, but still extremely professional. The MIMP website (based on Tumblr) believe it or not is the tame version. The web app is where things get a little more NSFW, but still with the same amount of class and respect you've come to expect.

Why shell out $15 a year (or $4.99 a month if you're not into saving money) for access to the MIMP web app? For one, I like supporting semi-indy projects like this. For another, this is a really good web app update, showing what can be done outside of a native application. A slideshow mechanism has been added, along with forward and back controls, and the ability to share individual pictures on Twitter. Plus, you can view hundreds of exclusive pictures on your Android phone and tablet. So there's that. 

Check it out at app.meinmyplace.com.

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Me In My Place web app update brings the sexy back to Android [#NSFW]


I started up Me In My Boxers..it was a huge failure. Maybe I needed to have a great web app like this one? lol

Thanks Phil, was totally unaware of this site. Their slogan sums it up nicely. "Real girls in their own place. Not too crazy and just a pinch of naughty..." Very tastefully done.

I've always been really surprised at the lack of porn apps out there. Thinking back to the VCR vs Beta days it was the deciding factor in that war. So why not have Android be the bad boy and win this thing already? ;P