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CES 2014 is set to be a big one for Martian with new voice commands and a new watch

This year at CES Martian Watches is set to debut some new voice command features as well as a brand new watch. After winning Best of CES last year Martian Watches is looking to come back this year with some more big announcements. Martian Watches is the developer of the world's first Bluetooth voice-command smartwatch, and this year they hope to bring an even better experience to everyone.

Martian Watches are unlike other smartwatches in that they are designed more towards fashion instead of just pure technology. The new watch is set to bring an unmatched quality and price allowing even more people to be able to get their hands on one.

The new device will combine old school and new school with an analog clock and an OLED display in the same piece. The OLED display will deliver real time alerts for Caller ID, Calendar, Weather, SMS, email, social networks and more. With a single button touch you can activate the speakerphone, control music, check sports scores, create a reminder and much more right from the device. Additionally you can use the watch for a camera shutter, tapping on the glass will repeat notifications and view history of previous notifications.

With tons of features that users desire, and an amazing style the upcoming device is sure to be a hit with consumers at the lower price point. Stay tuned for our live coverage of CES to see all the details about the upcoming product and to see how it stacks up against the competition.


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Martian set to announce new voice commands and watch at CES


I'm not gonna post "first". That's just lame. And probably by the time I finish typing this I won't be first. Anyways, the Martian smartwatch looks like a good buy. That's the watch I'm trying to get. I love the look of the Gear and most of the functions, but it just doesn't have that elegant watch look. This is more my speed.

Still the winner for lamest signature on A.C....

It should read:

"Posting while in my boyfriend's room listening to One Direction and watching Gilmore Girls while playing with each others.....;-)"

Don't know exactly what it is, but that seems more appropriate for you...

I realize this was unnecessary... but this is fun for me B-)... happy holidays Nancy

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I'm still waiting on something from Google, if or when this ever happens at this point, actually been putting money and gift cards aside for that day.

Same here it is getting hard to wait, and with lots of smartwatches expected at ces I might have to get one.


They certainly have the right idea just take a classic watch and add a notification screen that is all a smartwatch needs to be as far as I am concerned. Now something with active display that would be the perfect smartwach

I don't know. With a great full-screen electronic display, you can have a perfectly nice and traditional looking, simulated analog watch face... and yet have so much more than the tiny little OLED on this Martian could.

The main issues with current full-display smart watch products are that they are too big, too thick, have ugly plastic/silicon bands, and boring/ugly and/or plastic cases. None of those are "musts" for a fully digital watch.

So I am still waiting for that combination of fully digital and yet smaller/thinner/nicer.

Here's a thought: What if the glass of the watch itself was a display, scrolling notifications, etc. like a HUD display?

That would be neat, but there really is no current technology to do that in a watch. Besides, if you just have a really nice display, you don't need a "real" analog dial, you just present one that looks the same. No projection or HUD necessary.

Sorry... this thing is hideous! I'll stick with my Omega and Citizen watches... there's no compromise for a beautiful, classy time piece in my opinion.

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The big "M" on the watch absolutely kills it for me. It gives the watch a cheesy 80s look, like a monogrammed jacket. Maybe it works if your last name begins with an M.