AT&T's being all coy about it, but it's pretty clear the phone in its latest teaser trailer is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. The ruggedized, water-resistant version of Samsung's flagship was announced last week, and will be on show at the company's Premiere 2013 event in London next Thursday. Meanwhile, AT&T's promising more info tomorrow, June 13.

Check out the video above -- and note the Active's trademark button setup at 0:11, and the TouchWiz UI towards the end. We'll be live from London on the 20th to bring you full coverage of the Galaxy S4 Active.

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Effective teaser ad. Obviously looking water proof and not just water resistant.

scoobdude says:

T-Mobile is also releasing something water proof too. This is on their Google plus page

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JimBen73 says:

That's very intriguing....

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OceanView says:

any ideas on price?
$299 for the 16GB?

Jadien says:

Decisions, decisions... I am not a fan of TW, but this little rugged traveler would make me consider it.

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eahinrichsen says:

I'll say. I love the idea of a high end phone that doesn't require a case.

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NexusKoolaid says:

I wish they'd make a Google Edition version of this version of the S4. That'd be a slam-dunk...