A couple of days ago we asked you which platform you were leaving to join the ranks of Android with the Evo 4G. We got more than 12,000 responses, and there was a clear winner (or loser, actually). Looks like BlackBerry's taking the biggest hit, followed by Palm's webOS devices, the iPhone and Windows Mobile -- and a bunch of you said this will be your first smartphone. And so we welcome all Android newcomers with open arms. It's an exciting time, and we're right here with you.


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Looks like BlackBerry's taking the hit from Evo and Android


Agreed, especially since Palm is already on Sprint and people don't have to go through the hassle of switching carriers. Although by the sheer volume of people who use iPhones, I can see why there are a good amount of people leaving iPhone OS

na. RIM has soooo many customers. However, they have no innovation anymore. Android is cutting edge and therefore is competing better.

Exactly right Ak110707.

Rim is where Motorola was 3 years ago.

Will Rim be able to re-invent itself as Moto did, or are they going to continue to slide into obscurity? You would think that a company THAT big with THAT many users would be able to take a few punches and come up fighting. But so far nothing.

Their best bet now is to tuck tail, and join the Open Handset Alliance (Android) and spread their special sauce as a layer on top of Android.

Your article says that webOS is next after blackberry but your chart shows to be iPhone OS as next. But in perspective 1607 from WebOS vs 1650 from iPhone OS vs 4,697 from Blackberry... I think Palm hurts worse than anyone.
I know my Palm is gone as of 10:30 tomorrow!

I know the only thing I miss about my blackberry is the sure press screen. Other than that I am very happy I switched to Android.

Be interesting to knock these numbers against the relative size of each platform's installed base. Lots of BB owners switching relative to WebOS users...but then again, there are a whole LOT more BB user than WebOS so you sort of expect that.

I suspect the most interesting statistic would be the population-adjusted iPhone switch rate. There are a LOT more iPhone users than WebOS users, but the absolute switch numbers above are essentially equal.

You can add another BlackBerry user to the list in October when my wife's contract is up. If only Verizon would let her upgrade early.

It's a limited poll....yes. But I think the sample size is large enough to justify some predictions of the future.

Plain and simple, BB is losing customers while Android is gaining.

Don't sell short the amount of BB Curve 8330 users who are chomping at the bit to get on a real phone. There are a shocking amount of us out here that have been on AC waiting for their contract to be up. Been following the EVO since 3 months before it was called the EVO (should stayed the supersonic) and waiting paitiently for my contract to be up at end of July.

I'm surprised there weren't more previous Android users. I think the general consensus (whether its true or not) was that Blackberry was the best option, and of course the most ubiquitous smartphone on Sprint (multiple handsets doesn't hurt either). I thought there'd be enough Hero users upgrading to bump the Android vote though.

I guess I assumed most Evo users would be current Sprint customers upgrading, looking at this, it appears the carrier switchers are a big part of it too. Good for Sprint. Hopefully improved business doesn't turn them back to the provider they were a few years ago.

I actually feel bad leaving webOS. Its such a great operating system, multitasking is so easy and the back swipe is great. Palm really created a great operating system It’s a shame the pre sucks, and they never integrated a home screen.

Well unfortunately there is no differentiation amongst the GIZILLION android devices. So in 2 months or so you will see the next big android phone. I mean does anyone even mention the Droid anymore....

There are still droid does commercials.
It has the most pixels on a smartphone.
Youtube features a lot of Android Apps and Droid gets advertised a lot with them.

It also performs better at 3d rendering because of some gpu thing that newer android smartphones do not have.

That thing still is quite capable.

I went from a Palm Centro to a Blackberry Tour. Had it 2 days and took it back. Switched to an HTC Hero and haven't looked back.

Only thing i miss from my BB Tour is Brick Breaker lol. I love my Droid Inc. and glad i made the switch. I was BB fanboy for awhile but there falling too far behind on innovation IMO.

Don't miss my Bold 9700 which was the best blackberry I used. I was a fanboy too but I don't wear blinders. When I see a platform not innovating I try others to see if it's a good fit for me. I got burned when I was a Palm OS user for years even when things were not too rosy. Blackberry 6 didn't even get me to wait this time around. Happy with my Nexus One.

I might miss my BlackBerry a little. But that will probably go away after a few hours (or minutes) with my Evo.

On a side note, the phone graphic caption for this piece should read, "Actual Size." lol.

Blackberry needs to make some big changes to their OS.

Blackberry OS 6.0 doesn't look any different then 5.0, they just changed some of the graphics to what it appears. In matter of fact, blackberry OS always look the same, I don't think they ever really change much with that crap.

I had a personal bb for a year before switching to Android. Been a biz bb user for years.

Let's see: kluge interface, sslllooowwww connection, horrible "apps" and bad software. It did make a good phone call, but I can't tell you how many ppl think my Incredible is a landline.

I would go back to a dumbphone before a bb ever again.

I am one of them too! I just ordered the Incredible this morning. On an ironic note, I had been waiting and waiting for the Bold(Tour2) on Verizon and it turned out that I ordered my new DROID on the same day it was finally released. It would not have made a difference anyway because I had already made up my mind on the DROID. However, had the phone been release at the same time as Sprint's version(two weeks ago), I would have never even looked into the DROIDS...

I'm not a person who gets hung up on one particular OS, brand, make, model, etc.

Had a "windows" phone until the G1 came out. Bought that immediately and although I became an Android fan, I wasn't totally sold on the platform. Felt "beta" to me.

Then when the BB8900 came out, I picked that up. Never had a BB until that time. Loved lots of things about that phone and it was the "form factor" that really won me over along with the efficiency and ease of the OS but I was still an Android fan and tinkered with my G1.

When the Moto Cliq came out, I got that phone. Much better than my G1.

Was missing my BB8900 so I got the BB9700. So at this point I have both phones but use my BB9700 more often.

For me its ironic that what most of you complain about (old OS) is why there are so many BB users in the world. FAMILIARITY is the key word that comes to mind.

For example. You can pick up about any BB model and be familiar with the functions/out within minutes. Its the same with the iPhone so when one of these users wants to upgrade to a newer model, its a breeze.

Now with Android, its a little different. Although the OS is the same, all the phones have a different U.I.s and hardware.

For the "techy" people like us, its no big deal to adapt/learn but for the "average consumer", its not as comfortable/easy.

After playing around with the HTC HD2 for a whole week....the beautiful screen was nice to look at but the form factor and carrying/using that beast was not to my liking.

That EVO is going to be a beast of a phone but I will stick with my trusty BB9700 for now.

Count me as one of the (few?) people that misses his blackberry. I love my N1 but I really don't think I'll ever use this phone to its full potential. A physical Keyboard, BBM, and a little web browsing is all I need.

I posted a thread about this on the forums. I think my thread had more realistic percentages. Palm webOS being the biggest loser, followed by blackberry.