By now, we're hoping that you guys are all enjoying Android 1.6 'Donut' and using all the new, unique features of 'Donut'. Google highlighted one of these features, Quick Search Box, in the above video and we think it's worth a look to see how powerful the Search toolbar has become.

Basically, Quick Search Box searches both locally on your phone and on the web. You can search through your own personal apps, contacts, and browser history as well as on the web for local businesses, weather, movie showtimes, etc. all through one search box. It's smart, it's fast, and it'll find you what you need.

Suggestions begin to pop up while you type and Quick Search Box even 'learns' your habits, providing faster access to items you search for and use most often. The microphone button can be used to both search and call contacts, a great new feature! But it doesn't end there, third party developers will be able to offer suggestions in Quick Search Box--greatly expanding the scope of Search. Imagine being able to search Twitter on your home screen via a Twitter application that supports Quick Search Box. This is going to be huge for Android.

What do you guys think?

[google mobile blog]

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Quick Search Box enables the new generation of widgets!

Use Quick COMMAND box to input data without opening any apps!

Anonymous says:

Does this apply to the SPRINT Hero? I just tried updating my wife's Hero last night and none was found.

rjf says:

i agree, the QSB has become my favorite thing to use. i've decided the samsung moment to be my next android device but will wait until the device gets 1.6, that's how much i appreciate it.

Wayne says:

Can anyone continuously reproduce the screens in the video? I can get the weather to come up once and then it doesn't work again until I clear the data. And the pizza and coffee thing never work. Any ideas?

Yannic says:

There is no microphone shown in my quick search box! Anyone else with this same problem?

Anonymous says:

yeah can't see any either :(

Anonymous says:

How do you clear the history on the searh box?