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Both Logitech and Google have come out this morning with statements that the hotly anticipated Google TV update is rolling out to the Revue starting today. 

Revue owners have had to wait what seems like a lifetime since the Sony Google TV devices first started to receive the update. But now, the Android 3.1 update and it's all important Market and app capabilities will be yours over the coming days. 

According to Logitech, new customers should automatically receive the software update immediately upon activation. And still at $99 this could be a great stocking filler this holiday season. 

Source: Logitech; More: Google TV Blog


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Logitech Revue's Honeycomb update rolling out now


Its about darn time. The blog says new customers will receive the update upon activation. I wonder if a full reset will get me the update faster.

I just got my revue last night. Got it all setup and only got the small "update-1" that everyone else has. Since I did not have much on it I did a full factory reset this morning in hopes of triggering the 3.1 dice. I will try again later.

Well I guess I'll have to check this out when I get home. I got the update right away on the Sony Blu-ray player with GoogleTV when I bought it on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

I still think I like the Revue better than the Sony Blu-ray player, but it's nice to have GoogleTV in the 2 main rooms I'm in.

I really like the revue, I've had it for a few months now and only recently did I need to reboot it because it wasn't playing nice with the google TV app on my phone. reboots really fast, probably as fast as my SGS2.

Will this update come through for the people who flashed the unofficial beta leaked version in which they cant get back into recovery mode?

Serious question.. what exactly can you do with this box?

Now that the update is rolling out, I'm still having trouble finding out exactly what the feature-set is. What apps are available? Amazon VOD, Hulu+ and Netflix? DLNA? How does it compare to something like a Roku?

As much as I want to buy one on paper, I'm not finding much concrete information on exactly what you get.

The only thing I think Roku and the other boxes have over GoogleTV in general is Hulu+. I personally don't miss Hulu+ and I love the fact that GoogleTV has a browser.

It has a Netflix app, and Amazon works with the browser. It comes with a DLNA client, but Hulu+ is blocked.
The killer app is the browser, that Roku and others don't have.

The only downside is the blocked content (major networks and Hulu) and sometimes Flash crashes the unit.

It is great news that the update is finally out, I hope it will it will be worth the wait. Interesting that it came out on Pearl Harbor Day.

So it is starting today? Not "in coming weeks"? Awesome, and about time!

I just hate when companies treat new customers better than existing customers. Does that mean I can return my Revue to get a new one that should get the update when I activate it?

My luck will probably be the same as with the XBOX360 update and I will not get it the first day.

Looks like I'm going to be factory resetting my Revue a couple times until I get it. Didn't work the one time I did it before work today. Will try some more when I get home

lol at all of the people who are factory resetting their units to try and get the update. I assume that most of you, if not all, also have an Android phone and possibly an Android tablet. You should know that updates get pushed out in batches and there is nothing that you can do to get yours any quicker (outside of a very short period of time in between device checkins). Android devices use a checkin process which will report if an update is available. The update is pushed out by the provider (meaning Google or the manufacturer or the carrier) in batches based on criteria (could be MAC, ESN/IMEI, etc) in order to keep from experiencing a bandwidth overload. If you haven't been granted the update based on the criteria, your factory reset is doing nothing more than making you have to set up your Revue again from scratch.

I got the Revue today. I plug it few hours ago for the first time and went through the setup process. Then it asked me to download the update... when I checked to see what version I have, it was 2update1 or something like that. Logitech are full of shit and lies. You download the new version on a brand new box... my ass.

I have two Revue boxes - one in my bedroom and one in my living- room. They were purchased about three weeks apart about four months ago. I got Honeycomb last night on the first box I purchased. Still waiting on the update for the other..
The update took about 3 minutes to install, followed by a brief setup guide. It does not reacctivate your accounts automatically but the increased functionality is awesome. For one, the Netflix app is 1,000 percent more useful. It works great. Being able to search videos on Amazon and Netflix as well as rental services is just great. Access to the market looks awesome but I have not fully explored it yet.

And presumably, new customers WILL receive the new update upon activation, but I think they mean new customers after the initial update period is done. Judging from my own experience, I would say that the update is rolling out not only by region but also by what version of the hardware you are running.

Just UPGRADED to honeycomb - looks great but can't play until tonight:

0. Revue had an "Accept" button on my TV about 8:00 am this morning
1. about 10 minutes to upgrade
2. bought mine a year ago - $300 ;-(
3. located in NE Indiana

I saw the new screen with the links at the bottom and the android market. Will let you know tonight after I install some of the made for google TV apps.

Good show Logitech - it was a very smooth update !!

UPDATE: really like using my nexus one phone to control the new honeycomb interface - easier than either the keyboard or my xoom.

UPDATE: have not figured out how to search my photos - the reason I bought googleTV last year was to display a history of pictures for christmas on my 52 inch TV - worked great. This year I was going to log into gmail and use the searches I set up in Picasa to look for two people together in each picture displayed, pictures by year, pictures drinking beer,all the pictures of our dogs, pictures of different families etc. I had it all set up in Picasa but now I cannot access and search through Picasa - instead it uses google+ which does not have a search - or Picasa search - or I have not found it yet.

I bought the Revue a couple of months ago for $99 from Best Buy. I went on vacation shortly thereafter, and took it with me. Streamed Netflix to the hotel HD TVs and sat in bed with the keyboard and did basic Web stuff (email | web surfing). Even with all the griping that many people do about what the Revue can't do, I've been very happy with mine. I even bought a couple on Friday from for Christmas presents. Surprise! Surprise! The upgrade came through for me, on Friday night and completed quickly and didn't break anything that I have found. *I downloaded several apps, and "Evernote" and "OI File Manager" work fine. I hope Dropbox will provide an app that will read to/from an external drive or USB stick. I also need a good PDF reader app.

I like the keyboard interface! The Revue makes a good little presentation tool (even if not hooked to the Internet - use USB connection) if you already have an HDTV.