Logitech has gone ahead and put out a few details on their "companion box" for the just announced Google TV. They plan on 'leveraging [their] Harmony remote technology," which will mean you won't need a separate IR repeater to control the other elements of your home entertainment system and will mean you can still have a single remote for the whole shootin' match. Well, actually that's not true, as their set-top box will also "include a controller that's specifically designed to optimize the Google TV experience - combining a compact keyboard, remote control, and touchpad." Logitech will also apparently have their own smartphone app to control their box.

Logitech also hopes to add an HDTV camera and video calling software so you can do videoconferencing right from your couch. 

We don't know the specific branding yet, nor do we have a release date beyond "later this fall." One thing we do know now, and this might depress a bunch of you, is that Logitech says their product will be US-only, we suspect the same might be true for Google TV in general.


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Logitech + Google TV details: specific remote, Video calling software


Google TV looks absolutely amazing and i literally don't want to wait... but my question is how well this will work with Comcast cable box and hd-dvr for those of us that can't get Dish.

They alluded during the keynote that it will work with whatever cable provider we have, but i cant imagine all those seamless links between web and dvr to schedule recordings for example will work unless specifically designed for your cable box...

I will absolutely get several of these boxes. I can't wait! Perfect Christmas gift.

This is probably the first time I have ever already been a customer of something (Dish Network) that was tagged as being one of the first to get something new and awesome.

Looking forward to the device,this what apple TV should have been if they didn't tie it to iTunes lol.