Lloyd crashes the Playbook

Really, we have no idea how these things happen. But we like it when they do. One more pic of Lloyd spoiling Best Buy's PlayBook party after the break.

Lloyd Playbook


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Lloyd crashes Best Buy's PlayBook party


That's crazy everyone keeps jacking Lloyd like that. I'd be kind of ticked if it were my design though (even if it is an improvement over Google's original image).

Just give it some time until he's the face of Android everywhere, then BAM lawsuits everywhere MONEY MONEY MONEY YO CHA-CHING.

AC needs to copyright Lloyd (if it hasn't been done already), just for Lloyds own safety. Don't take any action though, cause it's great for the site.

It really is funny how many odd places Lloyd has shown up. Maybe whoever photoshops these images just loves AC [and Lloyd] that much that they think he should be everywhere. We should start a contest, Where will Lloyd appear next?

I'll tell you how it keeps happening. Nothing is protected on the internet. Unless of course you put a copyright on your own creations.

Copyrights are implicit. Unlike trademarks, you don't have to do anything special to copyright something. If you created it, it's copyrighted. For instance, I'd technically be violating your copyright if I lifted your post verbatim and posted it somewhere as my own. The problem comes with the difficulty in enforcement on the Web. It seems in most cases, people have given up trying to enforce copyright except in a narrow set of situations.

I don't think you should be happy about this use of Lloyd

1) The site is not about Android
2) The product is not pro-Android, it is pro-RIM
3) Nobody will know that Lloyd is Android Central related, only that it looks like a robot so it means "this machine/article/whatever is Android!"

Not that it is a huge big deal.