Girls Gone Gadget

When Kevin introduced you to Mobile Nations, he mentioned some of the great new initiatives we had planned. We've been hard at work on one of those for a while now -- Mobile Nations Broadcasting.

Mobile Nations Broadcasting brings together all your favorite audio shows, including the Android Central Podcast, the Podcast, iPad Live and iPhone Live, the PalmCast, and the WPCentral Podcast, along with our cross-site, cross-industry Mobile Nations Podcast, and new shows we've added over the summer, including ZENandTECH to help you center your inner geek, Iterate on mobile design and user experience, and Superfunctional to keep our bodies in balance with our gear. And we've brought them to life -- with video.

We've got some great new technology behind us and it lets us not only stream all our hosts, for all our shows to you in real time, but make them available to you afterwards on YouTube, via RSS and iTunes, and... well let's just say a lot more places to come. We've already launched Monday Brief, Android Central Video, iPad Live Video, iPhone Live Video and TiPb TV, ZENandTECH Video, and Mobile Nations Video, and we'll have the other shows on your screens and your TVs very, very soon. And we're not stopping there. We have a few other new shows in the pipeline as well and we can't wait for you to see them. Starting tonight, with Girls Gone Gadgets.

Girls Gone Gadgets is hosted by Georgia and Ashley Esqueda, two of the smartest, savviest, sexiest, and most entertaining women in tech. They'll be bringing you everything from Android to iOS, from the hottest devices to the latest gadgets, from kickass apps to the most mind-blowing accessories you can imagine.

GGG premieres tonight at 10:30pm EDT. See you there!

Rene Ritchie, Mobile Nations Broadcasting

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TheBigFerret says:

Is it COLD, or are you a robot?

dacp283 says:

Can't wait to see how one sided this becomes. Oh...AND these two are not the sexiest women in tech actually far from it. Just saying.

HAAS599 says:

Mind blowing accessories???

lol, this show can only disappoint based on this pitch.

I will check out this show, but not because I'm an uninformed, mindless, and horny male.

Jordan jones says:

What about the Android central podcast? Is that not tonight

jvieira says:

excellent ive been waiting for some kitchen appliance reviews.

arcadelion says:

I'm going to hell for laughing

descendency says:

Nothing says "Merry Christmas! I love you, sweetheart! Now get back in the kitchen!" like a brand new Android enabled Touch Revolution NIMble Kitchen Center (Microwave).

I enjoy a good alliteration as much as the next guy, however, if you google/wiki 'GGG' you get some very interesting results... just sayin'

Joshua Munoz says:


Ahhhhh holy crap German goo girls reference!! My day is complete! Btw Don't ask how I know that ... :-D

popologuy says:

The program wil be immediately followed by our new show, Guys Gone Girls Gone Gadgets, where the male staffers will put on the ladies' identical outfits and do the whole show all over again, right down to Georgia's nail polish and Ashley's double entendres... Imitation is the highest compliment.

Kevin and Rene at up this week.

bkorver says:

By "Mind blowing accessories" you mean boobies? I'm in!

I can't wait to talk about my favorite food processor on the show tonight!

I'll wear my best apron!

(And seriously, if you honestly think I'll be discussing that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you)

arcadelion says:

How much is this bridge you speak of?

descendency says:

Could we move it to my water front property in Florida?


TheBigFerret says:

Are you guys planning any shows for some of the new gender classes? May I suggest BiDroid, HomoDroid and CrossGenDroid. Or perhaps lump them all together and call it DroidCurious!

butchyon says:

@AshleyEsqueda ROCKS the tech world!

I'm thinking you should invite @SassiBoB from xda and maybe @CaliLewis from Geekbeat.

BoB is on the list for guest ladies, for sure. :)

S_C_B says:

Ummmmm, no.

1966cah says:

Gahh! I want to see it but there's no link anywhere! (Or I am just blind.) Was this not recorded?