Huawei MWC event

We're live from Barcelona, Spain with Huawei, which is holding its big press conference today ahead of MWC. Possible Android developments include the Ascend P2, a quad-core successor to last year's Ascend P1. The action starts at 3pm Barcelona time (9am ET), so stick around for all the day's announcements!

You'll find our liveblog after the break.


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Live from Mobile World Congress with Huawei


So along with the P2, D2 and mate, there is another phone launching in summer? that's how I read it.
315ppi on the P2 rules that out for me, on top of being annoyed that more manufacturers are putting the back button on the left side of the middle/home key, with menu on the right etc. :@

Thanks for the feed/info.

Looking for a phone that can match or surpass the screen brightness of an S2. I won't downgrade to something dark. (every other phone released since, it seems).

Not sure why you're saying the screen is darker. Plenty of phones with super bright screens. 315ppi is pixels per inch, which is way higher than the S2 screens.

The Snapdragon 800 processor is important to me on my next smartphone! I want that improved efficiency and QuickCharge 2.0 technology!

2nd half of the year phones should start seeing it. Hopefully that means the Nexus 5, Motorola RAZR line, and which ever others typically do late year launches.