Liquipel kicks off their presence at Mobile World Congress 2013 with the announcement that they have expanded things, and with new licensees they will be able to offer their water-resistance services around the world. New license holders in Japan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Namibia and South Africa will expand the use of the Liquipel in 2013.

Android Central at Mobile World Congress

Liquipel is one of those cool things that just hasn't caught on in a big way yet. It's a hydrophobic nano-coating that is applied to your phone or tablet that makes water less cohesive. As you see in the video, this means your stuff can stand a bit of liquid thrown at it, or possibly even a bit of a dunk. It's billed as water resistant, and comes in several tiers. The basic protection would cost about $60 US for a Galaxy Nexus, and that protects against splashes and accidental spills. You box up your phone, send it to Liquipel, and they return it coated with the technology. 

As you can tell, that's why it is important to have as many licensees as possible to perform the coating. If you're interested in what Liquipel has to offer, visit their website at for more information. The full press release is after the break.

Liquipel 2.0 Goes Global, Announces New Licensees at Mobile World Congress

Far East, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa among New Licensees for Advanced Watersafe Nanocoating Technology

BARCELONA, Spain. February 24, 2013 – Liquipel, LLC (, the industry leader of WaterSafe™ nanocoating technology, today announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, that Liquipel 2.0 will soon be available around the world with the addition of several new Liquipel licensees. Liquipel’s continued market expansion makes the benefits of its award-winning nanotechnology available to even more global consumers looking to protect their personal electronics from accidental water damage.

Under Liquipel’s direction, licensees will grow Liquipel’s international business and brand within their home markets. New country licensees include: Japan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Namibia and South Africa.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring the benefits of Liquipel 2.0 super-hydrophobic nanotechnology to the global market and to have our new licensees offer the latest advancements in super-hydrophobic nanotechnology,” said Danny McPhail, Liquipel’s head of product development and co-founder. “The release and application of 2.0 technology to global markets illustrates our commitment to researching, developing and marketing the best products available to consumers.”

Liquipel 2.0 represents significant advancements in nanocoating science, technology and manufacturing process with marked improvements on durability, corrosion resistance and water protection from its predecessor. Liquipel will be available from new country licensees starting in 2013.

About Liquipel

Liquipel, LLC is the sole owner and licensor of Liquipel, an award-winning formulation and manufacturing process that uses nanotechnology to make smartphones and other devices Watersafe™ from accidental exposure to water and other liquids. Since its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012, it has won an Edison Award, a FierceWireless Fierce 15 Award, was named by Popular Science the Grand Award Winner in the Gadgets Category in the magazine’s “Best of What’s New” issue, and has also been included in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “100 Brilliant Companies” list. For more information and videos, please visit Liquipel’s website, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. To contact Liquipel, LLC, email


Reader comments

Liquipel announces new licensees, will offer their water resistant coating worldwide


reasons I have doubts about this company:

(1) using super-hot girls in their videos for no reason

(2) the process bonds to the surface of the phones, why?

(3) no way to verify that your phone is 100% protected

(4) no guarantee or insurance in the event their process doesn't work

(5) if it works so well, why don't Apple and Samsung offer it?

(6) how do you get the remaining liquids out of the phone

Don't get me wrong... I do think that their product work... but water resistance and waterproof are two different things

To answer the video "can your phone handle this?"

Yup, it can! It's a Fujitsu phone, it can even survive being submerged max 1m deep for up to 30 minutes... Sure it depends on rubberized doors to close off ports and seal the battery compartment, but it that technology hasn't failed me yet for the past 2 years of buying Sharp and Fujitsu phones ;)

@ threepackape: Why do Samsung and Apple not offer this yet? Probably because they didn't feel it was a compelling enough feature, Liquipel is also a new company. AFAIK waterproof has been pretty standard on Japanese phones for a few years now, made its way to Android phones too; meanwhile in the rest of the world the waterproof/water resistant phones were generally low-end sports-oriented phones, while Japan even put it on high-end phones.

Now that Sony etc are bringing the water-resistance to high-end phones outside Japan too, maybe Apple and Samsung will take notice and work towards offering it too.

Interestingly, the LG Optimus G - in Japan - is waterproof, dustproof, etc, in addition to having all the features of the international versions...

I love how the last frame shows a phone falling off the table.. OOPS! No water resistance crap is going to save that phone from sure death.. HAHAHA