Pulse, and its 30 Million users, was bought out today by social platform LinkedIn

Pulse, one of the most popular news readers for Android, was bought out by none other than LinkedIn today. The deal was reportedly to the tune of $90 Million, which consisted of stocks and a cash transfer. According to both parties, the Pulse news reader won't be going away any time soon, though. The Pulse team seems to be looking forward to the fruits of the deal, as they mentioned on their blog today.

LinkedIn is the perfect partner as we continue our journey. The company shares our passions and values, our belief in the power of knowledge and elevated discussion, particularly for professionals looking for insights to help make them better at what they do. We believe this important step is the key to an even better experience for our community, and we’re excited for what’s to come.

We can't predict the future, but there's little reason for the new owners to change anything at the moment. Pulse has more that 30 Million users, and is clearly one of the more successful apps for Android and iOS. We expect Pulse to continue to operate as it does today, at least for the foreseeable future. If you've not yet tried Pulse, give it a look by clicking the Google Play link above.

Source: All Things D; More: Pulse


Reader comments

LinkedIn acquires Pulse in $90 Million deal


What in the world is linked in?

Crapo, time to start looking for a backup news reader.

I don't believe things will stay the same, I expect a storm of ads to appear in Pulse.

I agree. I hope they leave Pulse the way it is, but I highly doubt it. What's another good reader? Something very similar to Pulse.

LinkedIn is a social network for people in professional occupations. It's an way of engaging with companies, finding jobs...uploading CV. It's one of most reputable social sites around with a purpose.

Oh goodness. We can look forward to them tying in Pulse to LinkedIn. That is NOT what most people want or care about in a news reader. As long as they leave my Android Central alone on my Pulse widget though I'm fine with it...for now.

The articles I've read said LinkedIn is trying to bolster its content, to make its site more attractive for business professionals. However, I wouldn't be surprised if part of the motivation here is Pulse's data on what people are reading, especially if it can be tied to their LinkedIn accounts--LinkedIn has some very sophisticated data scientsits who could make use of that data to tailor the site's offerings better.