LG Nexus 4

Light Flow has been a go-to app for users that want to keep their device's notification LED flashing appropriately. It gained a lot of popularity with the Galaxy Nexus given stock Android's lack of settings to control the LED, and now the app has been updated with Nexus 4 -- and GMail 4.2 -- support just a few days before the device's launch. It seems to support just about every popular app you could think of, and even more are unlocked in the paid version.

There's a "lite" version of the app that you can pick up at the Play Store link above, and if you like what the developer is doing consider dropping them $2.49 for the paid version.


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Light Flow updated with Nexus 4 and GMail 4.2 support


My GOD this has been the App. to stand by since I have gotten a Nexus device. Really, these guys deserve what they get!!!! GREAT App!!

this is seriously on my top 3 for my gnex, and the day my nexus 4 comes rolling in, it will be one of the first apps i install. gladly pay for this on every phone, dev is responsive and i can know whats going on with my phone without having to wake it and look. options galore, and some cool experimental features too. long live lightflow!

always sucked how? i find it hard to believe that so many people who have a galaxy nexus could love it so much, and you say this. maybe you'd never pay for it because you are cheap? what doesn't it do? you can choose color, blink frequency, and any other option for almost any app available. maybe its you who suck.

This app locked up my galaxy S3 and I had to uninstall it remotely from Google play to get back into my phone. It's too buggy and I really want an app like this

stock LED on my G-Nex has always been enough for me -

White = Gmail, Email, Text
Green = Voicemail
Red = CNN Breaking News Alert

The opening folders hasn't been fixed yet, I've been working on samsung for the last 6 months trying different options to get them to respond. A couple of days ago they seem to have acknowledge the issue and raised it internally to be looked into. I worked with a few other devs (such as the noLed dev) to get a bit of weight behind the issue. See here for my write-up on it: http://www.folioflow.com/lightflow/samsung.html

I'm hoping the Nexus 10 will be supported too, but I don't know anyone with it yet to test that out. But I'll be buying one as soon as I can on Tuesday.

I received my Nexus 10 yesterday and one of my first apps to install was Lightflow.
Sadly it did not appear to function. I`m sure the Dev will get to it. I love this app on my stock gnex.
Hey Andrew, please, please, please get your baby working on the Nexus 10 :-)
After exchanging email with Andrew and some additional testing it appears that Lightflow does work on the Nexus 10. There is a difference in how Lightflow works on the gnex and Nexus 10. On the Nexus 10 the screen must be off to see the LED notification. On the gnex the screen can be on and you will still see the LED notification. Hope this helps.


so let me understand. I have a Nexus 10 but in order for the LED colors that I assigned each notification to show the device can be on but the screen needs to be off in sleep mode? If so that is not a very helpful app. I rarely have the tablet on and screen off as I am always using the tablet when I have it on. When I dont use it I turn it off

Anyone know whether this supports Google Voice? I don't see it in the description. Since all of my texts come through Google Voice, it's rather important for me...