Most human phone ever spawns worst commerical ever

Why, LG? Why? In trying to sell the G Flex it has come up with this, which honestly, we find difficult to put into words. LG's "most human phone ever" goes beyond the wacky in this terrible, terrible ad. Not that you actually see much of the phone in it.

As for the last 10 seconds...well, watch it and you'll find out. We've seen pretty horrendous efforts in recent times from the likes of Samsung, but this one might just have climbed to the top of the pile.

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still1 says:

what!!!! This definitely would be on the top 10 worst commercial of all time

benthe1 says:

What the hell!?! I just wanted to punch someone the whole time I was watching it. Horrible.

rkopsie says:


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vividrich says:

Yeah this is just uncomfortable it's so awful. Not to mention the ear and mouth are in the wrong places.

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Haha didn't even realize that. Maybe I was too shocked at what I was watching.

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eahinrichsen says:

I need an adult...

deadpenguins says:

Ugh, among all the other things that bothered me, this one was the worst.

nolan.b says:

This is horrible. And agreed with the previous comment, definitely top word commercial of all time.

ronnypoo says:

wtf how does this make any sense?

Best part? Someone got paid for this idea!

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And they'll never work in the industry again if they put it on their resume.

udazavlanje says:

My thought too !

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Jax184 says:

Well I don't know what I even just watched... wow

oddom says:

I love it! Its so cheesy that its amazeballs. I laughed because its just a fun commercial. Will it sell phones? No idea..but this is the first commercial I wanna share with people in a while.

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You said amazeballs ;-)

NoNexus says:

NO it is not even ... its GonorrheaBalls

"Amazeballs"? What are you, 10? This comment right here is why no one under the age of 25 should be directing commercials or marketing materials.

oddom says:

You don't like to say amazeballs? What are you like 70?

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Bwahahahaha says:

I'm 28 and you couldn't pay me to say that. And if you were here in front of me and said that, I'd punch you in the face...

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twolastnames says:

Agree. It's the UHF of commercials.


mrrobotanger says:

Agreed. Its pretty awesome sauce.

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oddom says:

I knew someone else would get the humor

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twolastnames says:

I watched it again, even funnier the second time.


rswain64 says:

I hope that guy is left handed!

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JoeyStyles says:

Omg wtf this is a pos ad for an awesome phone. LG please fire your whole marketing team and start over
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Saneless says:

They don't know how to design devices that make sense, I'm not sure why you'd expect their advertising to break from that. I think you'd do a better job of selling people on AIDS

twolastnames says:

The flex is kinda awesome. The G2 is kinda awesome. This commercial is kinda awesome.



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Surely they hired out a third party for this. Most large companies do.

Edit: Oh and the G2 is a great phone.

cacarr says:

It's a nice piece of hardware. That skin of theirs is hideous, though.

jeffreyh51 says:

OMG! This is so bad and offensive, that it may turn folks off to LG.

balthuszar says:

Not sure what's offensive... Not saying you're wrong, I'm just confused

DroidOn says:

Sometimes the best advertising comes from a commercial that gets people talking about a company. People are talking.

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Gekko says:

British humor. i'll take the Three Stooges over Monty Python any day!

And what exactly is wrong with British humor?! This ain't no Monty Python. 

Gekko says:

the same thing that's wrong with British food, women, weather, and dental care - it's no good!

I'd be careful how far you go with that...remember I AM BRITISH

xlDeMoNiClx says:

So? Then don't read his comments if you can't handle someone not liking your culture. You might work for AC but that doesn't mean you're above us.
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rlbrooks says:

What does culture have to do with this article?

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Doesn't matter where you work or who you are. You shouldn't insult where someone is from. Can you imagine the backlash if I said something crappy about the U.S.?

eahinrichsen says:

You would be attacked by a dozen bald eagles, which would be immediately released from the US embassy in London.

NoNexus says:

We call them drones now for deniability sake

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

mrrobotanger says:

Something crappy about the USA? Where to begin???

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Amir47 says:

8 years of 2 of the worst presidents ever kinda speaks for itself.
And the "people" voted for them

Pedalbflat says:

Isn't that actually 16 years total?

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BldyIdt says:

That was one stupid comment...

rlbrooks says:

I don't think Gekko has ever been to England or hung out with A Brit.

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Gekko says:

ha i know. i'm just breaking your balls. i actually like the Brits.

rlbrooks says:


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That's OK then. I like Americans too. (Mostly :P)

droidhead_1 says:

Your taking our American Jobs!!

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jimbo says:

That commercial is almost as despicable as those arrogant xenophobic little green lizards.

paul-c says:

Um, Kate Beckinsale is British.

dante501 says:

Well that's personal opinion. Not sure if just hitting each other and such is better then actually acting and having ideas. Hurting and beating each other really takes a lot of imagination and talent (roll eyes) like I said personal opinion.

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xlDeMoNiClx says:

I doubt that if you were to imitate them with 2 friends you wouldn't do nearly as good.

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dante501 says:

Still Stooges are for ppl that don't like to think. Some brain deads just beating each other. A lot to understand and think about. I american and I like the smarter more clever humor not flat lame stuff. I can everyday if I want to see ppl beating each other up. Very much talent indeed to pull that off. Is like episode one. Stooge 1, beats on stooges 3. Stooge 3 beats on stooge 2. Stooge 2 on 1 and 3. Next episode. Its 3 beating on 2 and 2. Boo I wonder what happens in episode 4?

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dante501 says:

Maybe stooges are to dumb or I am to smart for it.

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It's 2014. You don't have to decide. You can torrent both. And both are great.

dante501 says:

That's what I said. It is personal opinion. :-)

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wpavlik2 says:

Yeah... Someone needs to get fired over this. I'm sure the putting the mouth and ear where they are was to make it not seem like the "phone" was upside down on his hand. Just SUPER creepy.
LG, that ad won't sell a SINGLE PHONE.

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Certainly didn't make me want one any more than already....

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dante501 says:


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mattopotamus says:

If that is how they want to advertise, "the most human phone".......

mrbboi78 says:

That was truly terrible!!!

dustinfrank says:

holy lord!

quailallstar says:

Horrid. Are these two dudes on a date?

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anthonok says:

What the fnck did I just witness

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Deke218 says:

Down right creepy.

mxmarcus says:

LG should get a refund and fire the head of marketing!

NoNexus says:

That was the absolute worst POS that I have seen ever

dante501 says:

No the worst pos is probably the iPhone lol. Well maybe the lg vu. But iPhone is close.

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NoNexus says:

Not commercial wise.

This made me want to go and buy a Vu

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

dante501 says:

Well the stupid Sonic and the cheesy Apple commercials come in mind as pos commercials.

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Channan says:

What about the State Farm commercials?

dante501 says:

They are bad too.

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yankeesusa says:

Why!!!!!!!!!! Why did I watch this? Waste of time.

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I hate to say it.... But the month looks like a 1970 vagina. Horrible commercial!!! Sorry if I offended anyone. Lol

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I have never seen one with teeth. Just sayin...

Amir47 says:

you've never seen one. period

jtc276 says:

The person who made this must have been really into David Cronenberg.

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zhecht says:

I still think this one is worse:

NoNexus says:

Not put in the context of that is Japanese, their stuff is always off like that

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

TooJawsome says:

Wow somebody finally took the crown for "worst phone commercial ever" from BlackBerry's Z10 "faster to show you what it doesn't do" commercial. Both don't show you jack except the guy in the blackberry commercial is doing gestures on an actual phone doing fictitious things.

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HarisA1 says:

Pretty funny lol

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lang007 says:


Abionic says:

While the commercial is shite... I get the message... Or at least I think I do. Which is, the phone is so amazing that you feel like you are there, to whoever you happen to be taking to. In this case some guy on the beach.

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egernant says:

I feel violated

JimBen73 says:

Horrible, just plain horrible

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ajnevares says:

I'm gonna check for a mouth each time I answer my phone now...thanks for the new fear LG!
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someguy01234 says:


HeyImAlexD says:

Wow, this is even worse than the PS3 cry baby commercials from 2006. Goodness.

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And I thought Sony ads were bad......

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lafountain says:

What on earth did I just watch?

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piko 72 says:


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worst commercial for the next 5 years

davidbonatz says:

It's like watching a midget try to kick a soccer ball. You want to pull it aside and say something, but it's just too damn funny

alc2077 says:

This is a commercial you can enjoy if you intoxicated or stoned, unfortunately for LG most viewer will be sober when watching this eyesore.......

GrooveRite says:

HAHAHAHAH sooo true!!!

jdbii says:

I kind of liked it. It's definitely unique and original. I wouldn't be all that surprised to see sequels and SNL skits.

BigDinCA says:

My eyes just vomited.

This is by far the worst commercial I have ever and I mean ever seen. Wow.

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krysdlilguy says:

MOG! D last ten seconds! i imagining shit?? (/ω\)

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Joel E says:

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa.....cant....stop....laughing!!. .jeez....arent commercials supposed to make u WANT the product?

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spidave says:

Worst commercial i have ever seen .. it's disgusting

Joel E says:

"Wolverine like a baws!" Lmao

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Haha! I thought it was kind of funny.

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dekesask says:

I feel like I need someone to hold me, but don't want anyone to touch me. That beard hand ear thing is very discomforting!

Where was the NSFW!

jackwagon06 says:

terrible......just terrible......

mcm180 says:

the worst EVERRRRRR!!! like i was expecting them to turn to the camera and say "LIVE FROM NEW YORK, .. .IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE !!!" but that never happened! :-( #fail

they could have done so many cool things like leaving the phone in a back pocket and sitting down and the phone surviving .. i dunno .. something .. anything but this angle!!!!!!!

W00fah says:

Couldn't finish watching that wow.

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gzzzz says:

Worst ad I've ever seen. Fire everyone in LG's marketing dept and ppl who signed off on this.

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Orion78 says:

That commercial gave me nightmares. Now every time I see a G Flex, I'm going to run far far away.

good one i agree this makes you not buy the phone. it makes you run away. very bad move from LG

VAVA Mk2 says:

Seriously why?!

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smeghead4269 says:

I...I just...this...WHAT!?

I'm pretty sure the commercial was awful on purpose so it would get talked about... And by the amount of comments on here it seems to have worked.

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Enverdaz says:

Awful. Just plain awful.

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someguy01234 says:

I haven't been intoxicated to that degree for a long time.

Kiddo_24 says:

What. The. Hell!?

descendency says:

Still not worse than the PSP "Portable carpet" commercial.

zackmack7 says:

I was sitting here like "okay this is pretty bad", then I saw the last 10 seconds like Richard said, and then I was like "OMG this is horrible" lol

Qoheleth says:

Wow. That really raises the bar for awful.
Not only is it horrid. It generates no interest in the phone.
They only mention one feature (self-healing).

tigeryee says:

Whoever wrote this, what were they smoking?

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really wasn't that bad, weird yes, but horrible nah.

BB_Wally says:

This is a horrible commercial.

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Amir47 says:

And we thought HTC was bad at marketing

gpdaddy95 says:

Wow, this is so bad it's good! This is on par with Sharknado or a car awful you have to watch it. I almost feel embarrassed for the (air-quotes) actors. Bahahahahahaha

DavidJ726 says:

Not sure what I watched, but after 15 seconds of watching two guys act like douches, I changed channels.

ryan5609 says:

Being creative and unique is often a good thing, but this is just dog shit. I like strange and weird, but the ending was completely unnecessary, I think we had enough once his hand turned into a talking vagina.

Habiib says:

The only way I'd find humor in this, is if he shoved that mutant hand down a garbage disposal and cut the switch on.

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LogicKiller says:

Worst commercial ever. LG COME ON SERIOUSLY !

dante501 says:

Also those AT&T commercials are terrible too.

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AKFL3TCH3R says:

I get it, but that was just NOOOOOO!

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Skier1960 says:

Whooooa!!!!!! Creeepy.....

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justflorin says:

Anyone else notice that he's talking into the mouth and listening to the ear instead of talking into the ear and listening to the mouth what the he l l

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chrisdlv77 says:

Yeah OK what did I just watch?

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TJayDroid says:

Sorry to disagree. Brilliant. Loved it. Plus I always kiss my own hairy palm(s).

The phone is already over priced, too big, not practical plus difficult to sell. This ad will make selling it still more difficult IMHO

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Aredubu says:

That was one of the most bizarre commercials I've ever seen.

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James H1 says:

That LG ad is still less creepy than the Samsung one. Link at the bottom.

LTTG says:

They took it down just 6 minutes ago!
It was really disturbing...

barondebxl says:

Best commercial ever

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