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Last week we told you that LG's new wearables were to be available starting May 18, and now the LG Lifeband touch and LG's own heart rate monitor are now available online at Best Buy.

Available in a medium and a large, the OLED touch-enabled fitness band will set you back $149.99 in either size. But for that price, you're getting a wristband that works with any phone running Android 4.2 or higher. Besides functions like timing workouts or counting steps, the Lifeband Touch also will notify you about calls and messages or control your music.

The heart rate monitor is complete with a set of aptX enabled Bluetooth headphones, and will play your music while tracking your steps or calculating consumed calories and cardiovascular fitness — as well as check your heart rate and heart rate zone. They will set you back $179.99

The fitness tracker category is getting crowded, and we're curious about how the LG Lifeband Touch and the new Heart Rate Monitor will fare. Are you planning on grabbing either one of these? You can do so at the links below.

Source: Best Buy (Large) (Medium) (Heart Rate Monitor)

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RaiderWill says:

This tech is getting kind of cool.. Just wish it were slightly less in cost.. $99.00 would be a nice starting point IMO.

duoFurious says:


Kvoth says:

Ikr? For $180 you can get a very good heart rate monitor and very decent set of sports earphones. Those heart rate earphones will have to be exceptional to be even close to worth it.

Hopefully someone else brings out a pair to provide some competition.

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frettfreak says:

Yeah, honestly i thought it was a good idea... at $99 lol at $180, i will never even think about it. there is just way to much competition in that space. I can get a pretty damn nice set of BT headphones for about $80 or less and there are countless BT HR monitor options for $50 or less. just not gonna work at the price point

kakos26 says:

As an athlete, I'd like to know honestly how accurate these wearables are? Can I actually use them to progress my training from? I also feel like I need to keep waiting for a better device, since new ones are being released every couple of months it seems.

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kelayz says:

The Pikachu counter that came with a Pokémon pre order is the most accurate step counter. And that was early 2000s. I'm sure these are even better

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eahinrichsen says:

So you might say these new ones have... evolved.

...I'll show myself out.

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GrooveRite says:


Decadence13 says:

This is just wonderful.

Mac58 says:

I hate to say it, but I think when the I watch, or whatever wearable apple releases will probably be the best on the market. Right now fitness in trackers don't offer enough reliability for athletes or people who want to know how their heart rate is when they are lifting weights vs doing cardio or during basketball vs boxing. People like hs want to know how far we can push themselves physically before they know they need to back down. Unfortunately their are no smart watches or devices that offer this consistently and reliably.

GrooveRite says:

You Apple heads are sure a funny bunch! Let me guess, you also think the iphone is the best smartphone in the market right now, right?!?!

psxndc says:

"Right now fitness in trackers don't offer enough reliability for athletes or people who want to know how their heart rate is when they are lifting weights vs doing cardio or during basketball vs boxing."

False. For fitness trackers, maybe that's true but there are plenty of watches, e.g., Garmin Fenix2, that keep track of HR zones for standard cardio like running and biking as well as for custom exercises.

oldschoolsig says:

Hot damn,would like to see more specific as I've been waiting 5 months on details

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duoFurious says:

I want to get one of these so badly, however...The G watch, and 360 look to be slightly more worth the money. I cant imagine buying into one of these to regret my decision in a few months, especially when at 150. A 360 or G watch, even it at 300, would do almost all the same or close enough. The only thing to hold me back from the watch would be battery life, water resistance, and size. We shall see what happens, but things like watch LG put out are making me excited to watch what happens soon. I realize samsung already is in the spot too, but I don't want to support devices that hold you to one company when for example, this and many others out soon allow 90% or greater compatibility with every device.

DWR_31 says:

Okay LG.... I don't want to track my fitness, I want to be a ubertech freak!

bigtnew says:

2-3 day battery? El oh El!

Posted via my hTc one with a cracked screen!