LG Ally - Iron Man 2

LG finally has launched its Ally-Iron Man 2 microsite, and we get better look at the upcoming Android phone that may or may not make its way onto Verizon in the coming weeks. We're dealing with a 3.2-inch touchscreen, Android 2.1 and a four-row horizontal sliding keyboard. The microSD card slot appears to be accessible from the outside of the phone (as in not hidden under a battery cover or anything), and there's a dedicated camera button.

Onboard apps include Life360, which lets you track your family and send emergency alerts; Wikitude (an augmented-reality Wikipedia portal); Speed View (a GPS app); Hoccer (literally throw your data from your phone); Foursquare (maybe you've heard of it); Yelp; Wertago (social network of party-goers -- like Tony Stark); ShopSavvy; and Shazam.

We're still waiting to hear exactly when -- and if -- the Ally will be available on a carrier, though there's that May 20 date that was announced today. Stay tuned, and there are a couple more pictures after the break.

LG Ally - Iron Man 2

LG Ally - Iron Man 2LG Ally - Iron Man 2

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Elden says:

any word on the processor?

johnolesen says:

thats...actually not a bad looking phone.

elkniwcire says:

The keyboard seems really nice... Based on the screenshots it also seems to be running pure vanilla Android 2.1. If it has the 1 ghz processor like rumored this could be a real surprise contender. The only downside I can see in this is the 3.2MP camera. Hmmm perhaps I'll hold off on buying the incredible just a few weeks longer

crichton007 says:

@Elden Check out the earlier posts: it comes with a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor.

Elden says:

dang....if thats true this phone is gonna be really nice cuz that keyboard looks amazing, thanks!

Only 3.2 inc screen and 3.2 megapix camera. screen is probably 320 x 480 as well and 600 Mhz processor. NO thank you. I hope it is at least capacitive

droidman88 says:

I've not seen it be confirmed but a 1 ghz processor would really help this phone out. I mean it will sell but don't expect big numbers it's like a droid without a good quality camera, and prob a processor.

ftumph says:

It does look nice, but given that my daughter is now on her third LG Env Touch because they keep turning off randomly, I'm going to wait and see if this phone has the same problem.

buckifvr says:

LOL, boy are they cranking out the android phones. I agree with ftumph, LG is ok but my son and daughter have both had issues with their EnV's. Also LG does not have as much experience with implementing Android as much as HTC.

Shawheim says:

looks kinda thick to me....

zanix#AC says:

I do not see where it states the camera is a 3.2MP. Other sites have claimed it was a 5.0MP. Can someone confirm? Thanks.

When you got to the website it says Synchronizing the first time and tells you some of the specifications like 3.2 inch screen and 3.2 megapix camera. no word on what screen resolution is or the processor.

zanix#AC says:

Can you give me the website?

sure. just type www.lg.com/ally it's gonna redirect you to


teddyboy says:

i wonder if verizon is going to start pre-loading its favorite apps onto all its android phones...

Elden says:

LG is actually the one pre loading the apps on this phone