Earlier this week we saw the first shots of the LG Vortex, which appears headed to Verizon and looks a whole heck of a lot like the Optimus One that was just announced. Here's another shot, and, would you look at that. There's Bing, instead of Google, much as Verizon did on the Fascinate and the upcoming HTC Merge. This device will not have an FM Radio, to the dismay of more than a few of you, we know. Additionally, it will ship with Android 2.2 (Froyo) which is definitely a plus for an entry-level device. [via Engadget Mobile]

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lmao @ no FM Radio. I was so interested in having it on my EVO and I've NEVER used it lol. Between Pandora, my own music, and now those online stations on DoubleTwist I don't need the radio. Especially with the randomly varying quality.

As for this phone? The whole Bing thing just really annoys me. Android is about OPTIONS. Put bing, but let people change it if they want..... WITHOUT ROOTING

treyrey86 says:

yeah....I'm not a fan of this Bing idea.....this is a GOOGLE phone right......?????

BSG75 says:


Anybody know a direct email address to Verizon Wireless? Their website has a stupid form to fill out. Would love to get an email address that we can organize a de-Bing campaign to Verizon.

BSG75 says:

I suggest using the form. They have responded to me when I use the form. The form is probably better integrated into their customer service operations than a generic email.

HAAS599 says:

FM radio is overrated!!

Get "TuneIn" it streams all your local radio stations

teckels says:

Is this the droid eris with out sense?

jelly roll says:

Why can't you download Google search from the market then go to all applications (the one in the settings) and click clear defaults. Next time you click the search button it should give you an option right? please tell me if I'm wrong. my $0.02

Joelist says:

This is all part of Verizon's branding strategy. Android devices in the "Droid" lineup use Google and the others use Bing. In other words, in the eyes of VZW marketing this is not a "Google" phone so it gets Bing.

Now the whole "let people change it" I fully agree with.