LG Revolution

Here's some good news for all of you who have been wondering if the LG Revolution would ever receive its Gingerbread update: Verizon has made it official and is pushing it out as we speak. In addition to Android 2.3, the update (software version VS910ZV7) also brings with it a host of improvements, all listed above. A welcome update indeed. Sit tight if you're still waiting, and hit the source link for detailed instructions on how to initiate and accept the OTA push. 

Source: Verizon WirelessThanks to everyone who sent this in!


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LG Revolution receives its official Gingerbread update


I let my wife know about this earlier today. She's been trying, but nothing yet. She'll be happy once she gets it though as she was asking me when her phone would update to Gingerbread (since I had been talking about how my Thunderbolt was updated).

Truthfully both the Thunderdud and Revolution both suck rotten eggs.. Gingerbread is now 10months old and now Ice cream is out good luck with that.

Um... no ICS is not out yet. It's coming out, but it's not out. I'm getting the Galaxy Nexus so I'll be one of the first with ICS and my wife really doesn't care all that much, she just wants the phone to work a little bit better. She actually jokingly says that she just wants to go back to a flip phone. In all actuality she hasn't had any major issues with her Revolution.

Honestly, is trolling all you do?

The Thunderbolt & Revolution run circles around ANYTHING Sprint offers just based on LTE vs WiMax alone!! Sprint agrees because they are abandoning WiMax for LTE!!

I've seen somewhere else here on AC that you were talking about getting a Galaxy Nexus, right? Wow...your EVO 3D must REALLY "suck rotten eggs" for you to be over it in just 4 months! LOL!

Finally got my Revo to update last night about 10pm central time by checking for the update.... seems a bit faster, and a blue glow has been added to the bottom of the unlock screen. Have not seen any major differences. Icons have changed, and I can connect to my wifi better than before. On 2.2.2 my wifi kept dropping. So far on Gingerbread, have not had the issue.

BTW this is my 3rd Revo.. First on would not connect to verizon after 2 weeks, I just got a brand new one back from best buy as last weekend, it would not wake, then after a battery pull it stuck at the LG splash screen for 4 hours, and 6 battery pulls...

All in all I like the revo because it is a solid phone, great screen, and performs well for me. I will be using my buy back from best buy though around Christmas as I see what phones get ICS.

The update bricked my phone this morning. Hadn't rooted it so I don't know why. Now Verizon is sending me a replacement.