LG Revolution

Updates, patches, and bug fixes are included in version VS910ZVB

Many of Verizon's recent OTA updates have included the removal of pre-installed applications, commonly referred to as 'bloatware.' The LG Revolution's latest update (SW Version VS910ZVB) includes one of the longest lists of apps being removed from a Verizon Android device:

  • Mobile IM
  • Rockband
  • Bitbop
  • Verizon Apps
  • Blockbuster
  • Rhapsody
  • VCAST Music
  • Verizon Video

A few Android security patches are included in the update as well, which is always good see -- especially since it is very possible that the Revolution will not get a newer version of Android from Verizon. The VZW Family locator app has been updated and now has working GPS, and Google Maps Services has been updated as well. A bug involving large file sizes on the network also gets a fix.

As always, help a fellow Revolution owner out by posting in the comments when you start seeing this update going live.

Source: Verizon

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radgatt says:

Shouldn't someone with this phone be eligible for an upgrade by now? This phone came out in 2011 right?

Lanhoj says:

Didn't think Rockband was ever officially released for Android, atleast on the Play Store.

wshwe says:

Maybe Verizon is trying to turn over a new leaf. If so they have a long way to go.

icebike says:

Its one thing to ship all that bloatware on the phone, its another thing all together to absorb the bandwidth necessary to update them to be compatible with newer kernels.

I suspect they counted up all 7 users of these packages and decided to cut their losses.

Wake me when they stop stuffing new phones with the same bloatware.

l00natic71 says:

Most if not all of those apps are being retired by VZW. I guess no point in leaving them in and someone clicking on them and getting a "can't connect" error then calling customer support. VZW is in it for the money, not to make the user's life any easier. The more support calls they can cut, the less people they need to hire to answer the phone.

This is the phone I am currently using. Upgrade has been available since mid February. Just playing the waiting game.

jimbo says:

Why would you hold out as long as you can to install a long overdue OTA from Verizon?

deadlock4400 says:

@Casey Rendon

Thanks for the post.

It's a revolutionary step from LG. nice work. the bloatware may be included from the beginning of a phone but user should have the access to uninstall it too.

Thanks in Advance

jj2me says:

I just recently (last week) rooted my Revo, wrongly figuring this phone was done with updates.

It's rooted, but still with the stock recovery (no Clockworkmod, because I was just doing relatively safe freezing to free RAM). I'm on a different phone now, but if I pop in the SIM, (*EDIT: and unfreeze everything I've frozen*) will the update work? Or do I have to do a factory reset and start all over again?

It should but be absolutely sure you undo everything you did.

jj2me says:

Thanks. I can be absolutely sure about defrosting, because MyBackup Pro tells me which I've frozen. I'll also uninstall a couple of root-related apps I've added: SD Maid, and FX root (auxiliary to FX File Explorer). And cross my fingers.

Thanks again, much appreciated. I can't post this question (or anything) in the LG Revolution root-related forum at XDA-developers because I don't have enough posts over there.

I have the ota installed. No change in Android version (still 2.3.6). It did get rid of SOME of the bloatware, but not all of it. Still stuck with Bing & Bing voice as defaults. Can't get rid of the 'Facebook for LG', 'Twitter for LG', Finance, News, Weather, Slacker, Let's Golf 2, Tune wiki, and a few other pieces of Verizon specific junk.

jmd13391 says:

Hi All,

What are the steps to install the LG_VS910_ZV9_TO_VZB update on a rooted LG Revolution with CWM?

FYI: I use Titanium Backup Pro for backup and to freeze the bloatware.