One of the big three new devices Verizon saw fit to directly present at their press conference today was the LG Revolution. The handlers were pretty adamant we not put our grubby hands on their classy phones, but nevertheless watching them go through their paces gave off good impressions. As with the others, there wasn't a working Skype demo, but web pages loaded fast (4G LTE will do that) and rendered fast enough to keep us from feeling the lack of a dual-core processor.

The 4.3 inch screen was good but perhaps a little shy of Samsung's Super AMOLED-level quality. Android 2.2,  a 5mp shooter, HDMI-out, mobile hotspot for 8 devices, and 16gb internal memory round out the topline specs here.

You know the drill, more images and a quick video after the break!



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LG Revolution First Look


Me too. Either the Bionic or the next device like it with more ram. at this point i might even hold out for a keyboard as well. oh well. I was already upset over the 2 year contract for primary lines, now I'll just wait to give them money for something thats not an "old" evo or droid X with 4g.

why has verizon decided to have NO dual core phones outside of the bionic...and the bionic only has 512 mb of ram. i am disappointed with HTC for giving us the thunderbolt without dual core

you guys are doing a hell of a job bringing these follow-ups of these devices to us.....everything looks great...........thanks fellas

It's like Motorola was the only company that could pull off LTE and dual core at the same time. AT&T got a lot of sweet dual core phones, but they obviously aren't LTE and all but one of Verizon's LTE phones are single core.

While some may not like Motoblur or the locked bootloader, people have to give Motorola some props on being ready with the goods for Verizon.

I think it may be LG that didn't know how to deal with LTE and dual core at the same time in regards to battery life. Remember the AT&T LG isn't technically 4G (not LTE anyway).

Looks nice but no dual core makes this an also ran for my Droid X replacement. The Bionic is looking like the LTE phone to get on Verizon.

hey can we get some phones that arent fucking huge what happend to 3.7 inches? the Dinc is the perfect size sheesh i dont want these huge ass phones

Is it just me, or do all these freakin phones look the same? Minus the dual core, the added on board memory aesthetically they all look the same! I have an EVO, and each freakin phone looks like an altered version of my EVO. That sucks, to me. WHere are the vertical keyboards? Where is the inovation, re: the hardware? I don't know, everyone seems to be excited and raving, maybe I forgot to drink the kool-aid.

So no Tegra 2? I've read on other sites that it does have the dual core beast. This sucks I was hoping it would have a dual core processor and not be locked up like I'm sure the Bionic will be. I may have to give in and get the bionic if it's the only dual core Verizon phone.

Nope. No dual core for the Revolution. It's a shame, because i saw that this was running vanilla Android and i became quite excited. No dual core = no go for me.

the fact that so many phones are being announced WITHOUT dual core should be a sign to some of you guys. I love how everyone wants to yell FAIL for no dual core but really these manufacturers really just realize what a lot of you refuse to acknowledge witch is on current available software dual core just isn't that important.

Revolution my a** This phones obsolete before its launched.
Call it Re-evo as in the Evo relaunched 6 months later for a different carrier.Too little too late.

I REALLY hope that Sprint can show us something else and bring something to the table.

Verizon, ATT and T-Mobile (eh not so much) are catching up quick with this 4G game. 3 devices straightout, which I guess we have as well... but this was at once.

I love Sprint and I wanna see us do good.

If you do not use your phone for gaming then a dual core phone is useless right now. I have had 2 dual core phones and it does not render web pages any faster then say a single core phone. I have used all kinds of new devices and I am using my faithful Nexus One on T-Mobile and getting the best user experience then all of them put together. I am not kidding, I would tell you if my experience was any better, It wasn't, I found that my Nexus One was a year ahead of it's time, granted it lacks in certain areas but overall it is just a great user experience that also gives you so many different custom roms to choose from. Still the # 1 choice for me.