Optimus Vu

The LG Optimus Vu has popped up on Expanys for £349 (approximately $564). This is basically the same version that we reviewed, except it has a Tegra 3 processor rather than the Snapdragon S3.

AT 5-inches, the Vu is a Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2 competitor. It also costs much less than the Note 2, which can also be had from Expansys for £529 (approximately $854).  There are reasons for the cheaper price, however. We've mentioned a few aspects of the Vu that we've had issues with, such as the 4:3 aspect ratio, lack of slot for the stylus and lackluster camera performance.

Nevertheless, if you've been waiting for an opportunity to purchase an unlocked LG Optimus Vu, Expansys can help you out.

Source: Expansys


Reader comments

LG Optimus Vu available unlocked from Expansys for £349


What the hell was LG thinking by releasing this ugly ass device? I mean seriously, upper level management would have had to sit down and agree that this is a great design and that they should release this to compete with the note. Very Sad.

Wow LG! Is this how you step up your game to compete with Samsung? Doubt this ghastly looking device is the answer. Wake up, who would pick this over the Note2?