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While we're still waiting on the Optimus Vu in North America, LG has gone ahead and announced a second one in Korea. Details on specs for the LG Optimus Vu 2 are scarce, but the big selling point is the infrared sensor with a dedicated Q Remote app to control home entertainment systems.

Infrared is a pretty cool feature, and I definitely enjoyed using the one built into the Sony Tablet S awhile back. Still, LG isn't showing anything other than screenshots; it's entirely possible that the Optimus Vu II will at least look like (if not have most of the same guts as) the original Optimus Vu. 

The LG Optimus Vu 2 is due to land in Korea next month - who even knows if we'll see it elsewhere in the foreseeable future. Anyone really hankering for an IR blaster in their phone? 

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LG Optimus Vu 2 with infrared announced for Korea


I would love to have a programmable remote control on my phone. Can you imagine all the different electronics you could control if you manage to program it? TV, DVD player, BluRay player, VCR (if someone still has it lol)!

Cool feature and one I'm not sure why other companies haven't incorporated into their phones. I mean we're already to the point were we can use our phones for just about everything, why have remotes laying around when you can just use your phone?

Everything seems to come full circle. I used love using infrared remote on my old palm os pda back in the day. IR was used for the remotes, exchanging vcard and etc. Then most pda manufacturers dropped infrared as bluetooth became common and IR modules became supposedly too bulky for newer slimmer devices and so most palmos oems and Windows mobile pda manufacturers dropped legacy support. Now all of a sudden its a "cool new feature". I feel like tech industry and consumers sometime has the memory of gold fish or something....

So instead of a SENSOR, as the summary above states, this phone really has an infrared TRANSMITTER led to you can control your TV.

Touch screen control makes a lot more sense than 45 buttons.
But its hard to rule the TV roost when every household member has
the remote in their pocket on game day.

I wonder about the hack-ability of this feature. I forsee a lot of people using this for mischief in sports bars. TV-Be-Gone sold well, until bar bouncers realized that infra-red remote control LEDs show up security cameras.