LG Optimus Pad

In the realm of Android Honeycomb tablets -- and it's not like there are all that many out there yet -- things pretty much have, well, looked the same. But the LG Optimus pad brings a bit of differentiation to the burgeoning tablet market.

Start with its size -- 8.9 inches, not the 7 of the original Galaxy Tab or the 10.1 inches of the Motorola Xoom or the new Galaxy Tab 10-inch. And we're very much on the fence about the size. LG claims its the perfect compromise, and maybe it is. But to us it felt like an oversized Galaxy Tab, so far as the basic size goes. A little bit unwieldy, but the screen size is still darn nice. The 1280x768 resolution is plenty adequate.

And then there's that whole 3D thing LG's pushing. And pushing, and pushing. And the Optimus Pad, just like its Optimus 3D smartphone cousin, as on the 3D train as well, with a pair of 5-megapixel camera on the back and a 2MP shooter up front.

It's plenty fast, thanks to an Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, and we didn't see much lag at all in Honeycomb or the apps, which is nice for a pre-production unit.

Hands-on video and more pics are after the break.


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LG Optimus PadLG Optimus Pad

LG Optimus PadLG Optimus Pad

LG Optimus PadLG Optimus Pad

LG Optimus PadLG Optimus Pad

LG Optimus PadLG Optimus Pad

LG Optimus PadLG Optimus Pad

LG Optimus PadLG Optimus Pad

LG Optimus PadLG Optimus Pad

LG Optimus PadLG Optimus Pad

LG Optimus Pad

There are 26 comments

briankurtz79 says:

When can I have 1?

Dhamp2g says:

As soon as u r crazy enough to pay that price. No way!!!!!!

plainbrad says:

And the price is???

tuscani says:

Nice, wish they would stop pushing this 3D crap on us.

eric6052 says:

3d is a total gimmick that I have no use for. The good thing about it is you can ignore it. If the price is right I wouldn't mind checking out this tablet because the size might really be perfect.

Ep3n3wp says:

Is this the tmobile G-slate?

remixfa says:

yea, its the G-slate that will be dropping shortly. Cant wait.

If you dont like the 3d u dont have to use it. its not that big of a deal, its a pretty sweet device regardless. I like that they went a different size than 7 or 10.

Dhamp2g says:

Im with you I like the size of it. I have a gtab,ipad and archos 70. This would seem to be the perfect size even though my gtab fits into all of my pockets. These guys goota do better on the prices though. The ipad will mop the floor with these things if the price is lower.

vorcigernix says:

gimme gimme...will exchange for mother in law or something

voiceonly says:

I think the only thing you'll get in exchange for you Mother-in-Law is probably Steve Jobs' pancreas, or maybe an iPhone.

Dark_Blu says:

Looks good. Hope it's not carrier locked. I don't need a second data plan. WiFi only is the only way I'd buy any tablet.

Its the TMOBILE G-Slate buddy. Where have you been?

SteveIowa says:

And Not, the shiny fingerprint magnet, on the Back. That's a Big plus in my book. Because with these Tab's being so similar. It's the little things that will get us.

Gee says:

With a price of over $1000, I don't think it will get anybody.

As far as I'm aware, they haven't announced the price yet so I don't know where you're pulling $1000 from?

"and we didn't see much lag at all in Honeycomb or the apps, which is nice for a pre-production unit."

Come on guys... every other blog including Engadget and Giz say the Honeycomb tablets still need some finishing touches to the software... and reported apps force closing and slight sluggishness

T72018 says:

Where is the sd card slot??? Hummmmmm.. I don't think I saw one.... Did anybody??

Parker9706 says:

If only they would sell it for like $500

plainbrad says:

The big metal "with google" bar on the back wasn't a kickstand was it?

voiceonly says:

It was a rectal thermometer for all the Apple converts

No full size USB? Hmm...

patfactorx says:

this is $1k in Germany and on the O2 network.

KwietStorm says:

Question..if this feels like an oversized Tab, then what is the Xoom or an iPad? 8.9 and 10 in isn't really that big a difference.

Thank you for those pictures. For a second, I was starting to think Honeycomb didn't have a portrait orientation. Every single picture or video I've seen of it thus far operated it exclusively in landscape. Good job, AC.

crxssi says:

Look at the pics- unlike Samsung, they understand what a real USB port is!

HTCme says:

so far the xoom is the best tab out there. very responsive to touch like the ipad. so far samsung and lg have failed in 2 crutial areas: slow response to touch and slow to rotate and thats with dual core and 1 gig of ram and thats a shame compare to the ipad's specs. if moto keeps the blur off the xoom, it will become a big hit. I will get the xoom if it comes to at&t. and the xoom comes in GSM and 3G. click the link below to see the video from engadget.