Optimus L7

LG Korea has announced the availability of the LG Optimus L7 starting May 2 in "major" European and Asian markets. In case you forgot, the Optimus L7 is the high-end model of the L series phones we saw at Mobile World Congress (check out the hands-on), with a 4.3-inch screen and running a new Android 4.0 based Optimus UI. 

There's no mention of which markets in Europe and Asia that LG considers major, so at this point we'll just have to wait for carrier announcements. And any words on a release on this side of the Atlantic haven't been said yet.

Source: LG Korea (Korean)

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romma says:

Hooray! The models don't look like 12 year olds... Since HTC seems a little stale with their Verizon offerings, and locked MOTO bootloaders suck,I am more than tempted to give LG a closer look at upgrade time.

Don't do it to yourself.

kinster02 says:

Those phones look like Galaxy Notes in their small hands, especially the white one.

They look about as big as my Galaxy S2 (Epic 4g Touch). Definitely a cool looking display.

The phone looks real sleek and the display looks amazing. So it's running ICS with it's own kind of UI? I wonder what the chances of the phone making it to a US carrier would be....Awesome looking phone none the less.

Axe says:

LG always seems to use awkward, wide angle close shots with slightly odd-looking models. Just a pattern noticed from the related posts on this site. Something less-than-harmonious about it, maybe?

Chondog says:

"Odd-looking models"? Dang, your standards are extremely high.

Axe says:

In this shot they are much less "odd" than usual. It was more a comment on how young they looked in previous photos. The wide angles tend to stretch out their faces if the faces are near the edges of the shot(s)