Optimus L1 II

LG's tiny budget handset, the Optimus L1 II, has found a home on mobile network Three in the UK. The somewhat confusingly-named 3-incher packs a 240x320 display resolution, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage and a 1540mAh battery. Upon its announcement last week, the L1 II was revealed to have a $95 price point in countries like Vietnam and Russia, so it's likely the phone will arrive around the £60-70 mark in the UK.

Three says it'll launch the Optimus L1 II "soon," and that it'll have exclusivity over the white version of the handset in the UK.

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LG Optimus L1 II headed to Three UK


Exactly what I was thinking... and with a small display like that and a big battery, I bet it'll last more than a day easily.

That is one beautiful looking budget phone. Other OEMs could take some lessons on how to make budget phones that don't look like happy meal toys.

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This is EXACTLY what you should buy for your seven year old. Cheap, is a smartphone, and looks tougher than most Androids.
This seems like a good way to introduce a young child to owning a smartphone.

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