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LG's Optimus G isn't even available in some countries yet, but already it seems a successor could be in the works. Reports from Korea's MK Business News suggests that the "Optimus G2" (said to be a provisional name) could be scheduled for launch as early as next May. Key upgrades are said to include a a 5-inch, 1080p display, up from the 4.7-inch 1280x768 panel in the original, and a 2GHz quad-core Qualcomm CPU. LG will reportedly pit the G2 against the successor to Samsung's Galaxy S3.

But here's the kicker -- the article also claims the "Optimus G2" will come with Android "Key Lime Pie" on-board. KLP is the widely-expected codename for the next major iteration of Android, presumably either version 4.3 or 5.0. We'd be very (very) surprised to see a fresh version of Android so quickly after 4.2, especially considering the short interval between the two flavors of Jelly Bean.

Nevertheless, as a Nexus partner, LG would have privileged access to code ahead of time, which might help it get devices running newer versions of Android to market more rapidly than other OEMs. Stranger things have happened, but we're still inclined to take this part of the story with a large pinch of salt.

The 5-inch screen size and 1080p resolution look set to become the new standard for high-end phones in 2013. HTC has already launched the Droid DNA on Verizon in the states, while Sony's next high-end device, "Yuga," is rumored to sport a similar display. Likewise, Samsung is rumored to be hard at work on a 4.99-inch 1080p SuperAMOLED panel for use in future phones.

Whatever form it takes, the Optimus G's successor will find itself among plenty of competition.

Source: MK; via: TechCrunch


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LG 'Optimus G2' rumored for May launch with 1080p screen


I want to become an android user! And cannot wait for the iterations of the G and SGS phones! Heck Sony even sounds awesome at this point!

id just like a company to stick behind its Flagship for sometime so that i know im purchasing a good product. what kind of quality assurance are you giving to your potential and current customers if you are known to abandon that device in 2 months. i know technology progresses quick but you should have waited to release the g if youre already dropping hints at the successor

Sounds nice. I hope they still support the Optimus G. Would be a shame for this to have 4.1+ or 5.0 while the first og is on 4.0.4.

It's amazing to see the pace. I think if they want to compete with Samsung they need a powerful device to drop around the time of the S4 and across multiple carriers. Hoping LG has a hit with the original G and the N4, we need some more real competition to Samsung.

Really not thrilled about the continued phone growth, sounds like we are in for 5" 1080p screens from here on out for high end devices. I'd personally love to see more RAZR M or iPhone 5 sized devices that are equally high end as options. The iPhone has proven they still sell really well at that size.

Doesn't matter what size the make the iphone it will sell well. They could take the retina display out it would sell well. It would sell worse, yes, but it'll never sell bad (never meaning next 5ish years).

I went from 3.7" to 4.5" now 5.5" screen. I love the bigger screens. I have noticed I got used to it quick, so do I actually need this gigantic screen to be happy? I'm not sure. But I do know the chances of be going back to something less than 5" are just about 0...

Android has been on a six month cadence since the Nexus One. So how exactly would it be a surprise, if there's a new release in May?!

I can see a new version of Android coming out next June, at the next I/O Conference. May just seems too soon, however.

S4 should not be out till July/August next year.

Also, 8 megapixels, 8 megapixels everywhere!

People, we are going to have to learn to accept the fact that the average span for the reign of a Top-Dog Android Phone is about 1 to 2 months MAX! If we continue to wait every time we hear a new rumor about the next big thing, we will never own a new smart phone. If you want a new top of the line phone, wait 1 month, get the next big thing, and be happy with your device for the next 2 years. I have to live with the GN2, which by June of next year, will be a VERY DECENT MID RANGE DEVICE, I'm sure. And by May of 2014, it will be on the low-end of the mid range scale. So, I will just enjoy the premium class device I have now, and skip the 2013 models. By 2014, I'm sure the phones will be even more outstanding than they are today and make the 2013 models look severely out of date.

Couldn't agree more. That top of the range superphone of yesterday doesn't immediately turn in to a pile of cack just because newer phones are released. The SGSII is still a decent phone despite the SGSIII being released, the HTC One X is a more than capable device despite the release of the One X+.

I would suggest waiting approx 3 months, if you are due an update, especially if a cast iron release date has been scheduled for any phone you might have an interest in, but not to wait around for rumoured devices as these usually have a lead time of up to 6 months.

I on the other hand have sought out the latest Nexus device and as a result my own update path is yearly

The potential growth path for Android smartphone never ceases to amaze me, do we all remember November 2011 when these rumours started to surface
Yet here we are a year later and not only did these rumours turn out to be true, but also the accepted standard Quad Core mobile phones. The same has happened with screen sizes.

I think there will be every chance that these rumours of this LG phone will be very close to the current specs including the OS of KLP. The release date on the other hand I'm not too sure of.

The futures looking bright, the futures Android

While I certainly agree with previous posts reassuring the fact that the recently purchased (and recently outdated) phone you got isn't garbage, it's only concerning that certain companies like LG have a reputation of not supporting their units post release. It's both true and inevitable that technology is going at a super fast pace, however, 2 year contracts are still 2 year contracts. People who just signed up for the LG Optimus G essentially just want to be assured they are acknowledged and not forgotten when it comes to software updates to help keep their phone relevant for the majority of the time they are spent locked in with their device.

May 2013 would also be almost a year since JB (4.1) was released, so regardless how long it went from 4.1 to 4.2 (JB to JB), it's still a year cycle from one letter to the next, so it should be expected