Optimus G Pro

New camera features and eye recognition shown in official video

Last month we talked about an upcoming software update for the LG Optimus G Pro, dubbed the "value pack". Corny name aside, it promised to deliver a few new features to the popular Korean handset. Tonight LG has pumped out a video showing off some of them.

In the video (after the break) you'll find a nice walkthrough of LG's Smart Video eye recognition, the dual-camera video and still capture, and seamless pause and resume video recording. These features should go over well in LG's home market, where the Optimus G Pro is currently sold.

LG hasn't giving any time frame for the update yet, We've checked our Optimus G Pro for updates, and nothing is here just yet. We'll have a deeper look at the features when it does arrive.

Source: LGMobileHQ


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LG Optimus G Pro 'value pack' features shown in new video


Cool features but most if not all of those except the play/pause record are already present on the Note II and S3. I do like the play/pause feature.

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Lmao!!! They are so on Samsung's jock so hard right now. Could they at least try something new. I mean is bad enough that the Optimus g pro already looks like the note II. Come on.

LG just claimed that Samsung stole their inside secrets but I find it very strange that LG has incorporated Samsung's features and their innovations into their LG Smartphone. It's a crazy ass world we live it, make sure you are careful out there. I think this LG is a bad ass phone with stellar looks and design. It looks allot like the Note 2 but different enough to give it it's on look. The home button lights up with notifications and other features. I would be very proud to own this beast. It's great to have choices.

seriously how does LG get away with this crap, the UI looks the same, along with all the features, WTF

Does the Optimus G Pro have an "Air View" like feature when you hover your finger? I have a Galaxy Note, and that is the #1 feature I use my S-Pen for, and is just about the only thing that would stop me from getting an Optimus G Pro. It is super useful on websites that have drop down menues when you hover your mouse over them, which are often difficult/impossible to use on touchscreen phones. Air View lets you emulate the mouse hover to use these (the desktop version of Bestbuy.com is a good example of a difficult to use site, due to drop down menues, that Air View makes perfectly usable).

This phone has everything else I want if/when it comes to AT&T. It will be out when I get my upgrade (unlike the Note 3, which I want but don't want to wait for) and has a screen that is more in the size realm of what I want (5.5-6+", unlike the GSIV).