AT&T Optimus G Pro

Familiar styling and minimalist branding essentially confirm the launch of this new device

Frequent and accurate device leaker @evleaks has just dropped this little gem on our hands -- the LG Optimus G Pro for AT&T. Just a few days before we're set to see what LG has to unveil at a press conference on May 1st, we are likely looking at one of the devices set to be unveiled. The hardware looks very similar to what we found in our review of the international version, complete with a home button LED, brushed silver camera pod and plastic back with textured design. The only difference here looks to be in terms of a small AT&T logo on the back, and the usual AT&T, NFC and 4G LTE logos up in the status bar of the phone.

If you need to refresh your memory on the merits of the Optimus G Pro, we've got a whole lot of content for you to take a look at. Be sure to take a look back at our review of the international device, a deeper look at the new "VR Panorama" photosphere feature, and of course check out our hands-on video below. Naturally, we'll be in New York to see for sure what LG has to unveil on May 1st as well.

Source: @evleaks (Twitter)


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LG Optimus G Pro with AT&T branding leaks out


@Andrew Martonik
Thanks for the post of LG's upcoming hotcake.

yeah looks like Samsung Galaxy Note 2. it should be available minimum 2 months before, then it'll not compressed between Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC ONE.

Thanks in Advance

Looks to me like a revised version of the S3 or S4. It seems like the UI may even be better because LG keeps the good things about vanilla android. I think I would prefer LG's over Samsung's if the specs on speed and display quality were the same.

Early reviews suggest that this thing may have a screen so blue that it makes the S3 whites actually look white. Hope I'm wrong.

No, not at all. It might look like this a little if LG makes the Nexus 5 but I doubt they will pull much from this for another Nexus. I see the Nexus 5 looking more like the HTC One.