Optimus F3QAs evidenced by handsets like Verizon's LG Enact, U.S. carriers still believe there's a place in the smartphone market for devices with slide-out QWERTY keyboards. And if a newly-leaked render is to be believed, T-Mobile is another operator with at least one more QWERTY handset in its future. Prolific Twitter leaker @evleaks has today published images of the "LG Optimus F3Q," which he says is headed for the magenta carrier at some point.

There's no word on specs, pricing or release dates, but the name suggests it might be a keyboard-toting version of the Optimus F3, which arrived on Virgin Mobile over the summer. That device packs a dual-core 1.2GHz CPU, a 4-inch display and Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

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LG 'Optimus F3Q' QWERTY slider for T-Mobile leaked


Its a rehash of a rehash (LG Enact on Verizon that had the multitasking button) that came from Sprint's LG Mach (no multitaksing button). Its a year old already before it even got released.

I agree! Long live the physical keyboards! I know I am in the small minority in that I don't mind the little extra thickness that a real keyboards adds, as nothing virtual can replicate the experience of physical. It is a bit of a shame that physical keyboard phones have been relegated to the most basic of phones with "eh" specs. If we got even a mid range phone running KitKat with a physical keyboard I'd be all over it as quickly as I could type my card number in haha.

Totally side with you mobileobsession. Myself, I love physical keyboards. Using a touch screen for typing is not a fun experience, even if the phone is big enough for me. The day I replace my Droid 4 may be a sad one if I don't have a good QWERTY keyboard phone.

Physical keyboards are not dead yet. They deserve to be implemented, because some people prefer physical keyboards, beggars they're easier to type and side like the physical feel of pressing keys.

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A slide-out QWERTY keyboard would be a nice option on tablets, I think, but I prefer an on-screen keyboard for typing on smartphones at this point. I'm not a fan of the added thickness this usually causes, or the look of the device when the keyboard is in use.

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I will be getting my daughter a phone with one year of prepaid T-Mobile service for her high school graduation. She wants a physical keyboard. I think I just found the phone for her.

This is still questionable because lg is still shipping models with an android version that's 18 months old. That brings question to lg's ability to create updated firmware

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I didn't realize there was a question that LG was ever able to consistently push their phones above the software level that they were sold at. LG sucks at software updates, always has.

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I really liked physical keyboards until I started using Swype (and the keyboards that copied it). Once I learned to use it efficiently I stopped using the physical keyboard on my phone. Now, I'd not go back though they are often more comfortable to hold because they aren't pencil thin.

I think they have a place and if Blackberry wanted to stay in business they'd start offering an android version of their phones in addition ti the normal blackberry software. Then there would always be a great physical keyboard option for people.

Looks hideous and don't even get me started on 4.1.2.About what I expect from an LG

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Actually it should come with 4.2 at least, considering the T-Mobile LG F3 is already on 4.2 and it's identical hardware.

Who cares if it's a version or two behind really... my TouchPad still runs 4.0 and I'm quite content with it. If you want latest stick with your Nexus.

This is a has been moment and although there are the select few that like the physical keyboard the numbers are limited. Exactly what LG are thinking you can all lead from that Amigo's.

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So weird to see a full qwerty phone with Android in landscape like that. Looks like a leak from 2011.