LG Optimus Chic on Bell Canada

Word on the virtual street is that Bell Canada is preparing to launch the LG Optimus Chic on its network next Friday, January 14. The entry-level Froyo-powered phone sports a 3.2 inch HVGA screen, 600MHz processor, 256MB of RAM, 5MP camera and comes with a 2GB microSD card. Certainly nothing to write home about, but more than sufficient for basic smartphone use.

Off-contract, the Optimus Chic can be yours in exchange for 295 of your delicious Canadian dollars, though you can probably expect to get it for much less if you're willing to sign up for a contract with Bell. [AllThingsMobile]


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LG Optimus Chic Coming to Bell Canada

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Android 2.2 is supposed to be able to be turned 270 degrees, from portrait position to landscape either way. Not so with this phone. LG tells me it can't be done. So get this: it's mostly portait, including the keyboard which is very hard to type on in portrait, but if you want to name an image that you've taken with the camera, you can only use the keyboard in landscape! I'll investigate more but I might be returning this one.