LG Optimus 3D

We all knew it was coming -- LG was going all-in with 3D screen technology, and they've done it with the Optimus 3D. And, surprisingly, it's not horrible.

The phone itself is fairly unremarkable -- your basic black slab. It's got a 4.3-inch touchscreen powered by a 1GHz dual-core TI OMAP 4 processor, and flipping through Android 2.2 (it'll get a Gingerbread update at some point, LG says) was plenty fast.

But 3D is what this phone is all about. And not just playing 3D videos, which was pretty cool, but recording them as well. The Optimus 2D has not one but two 5MP cameras on the rear for stereoscopic recording. And you can even see what you're recording in 3D in real time on the touchscreen display.

So how's the 3D look? It's ... different. Your eyes will have to adjust to it some, but it's not the worst thing in the world, and some content looks better than other. Battery life, we're told, is boosted by the dual-core processor. But you know how those things go -- you'll need to use it to see.

There's a handful of 3D-capable games on board, and the phone has a dedicated hardware button that takes you to a special 3D gallery, from which you access all your 3D content, including 3D content on YouTube.

You're going to have to see this to believe it, truly. We're not completely sold on the idea of 3D content, but LG certainly is.

More pics and video are after the break.

Youtube link for mobile viewing

LG Optimus 3DLG Optimus 3D

LG Optimus 3DLG Optimus 3D

LG Optimus 3DLG Optimus 3D


Reader comments

LG Optimus 3D hands-on


You mean a huge market to what everybodys shifting towards?

I dont know where you live, but here in the US, I think this thing would catch on like wildfire.

The phone is pretty unremarkable? It has a dual core processor and two 5 mp cameras that actually record in 3D. I am not following you.

Why the cynicism with this phone/technology. You see pretty impressed in the video, and it actually works pretty well! I see this really taking off.

He said the appearance was unremarkable -- then he added, 3D is what it's all about! Translation: the phone differentiate on what it can do with 3d rather than with its appearance.

He also said its not the worst thing in the world. So he certainly shares his lack of interest in 3D. Phil has been more concerned with battery life, some want more features. This is just not his kind of phone

I'm not too sure about all this 3D stuff. Seems kind of gimicky to me. I guess it would be kind of cool for like a week, then the novelty would wear off.

But after the novelty wore off you could just enjoy the device with or without the 3D.

It's a kickass device regardless of the 3D.

I'd snag it if it came to sprint... not because of 3D (even tho it does look cooler than I thought it would on video).. but mainly because of the speed.

I could only imagine this thing rooted with custom roms.

Can you shut off the 3D? I mean, if Nintendo was smart enough to give you that option on the 3DS, hopefully LG will do the same.

Looks good but playing and recording 3d content is going to drain the battery fast. Basically it doesn't have any other amazing features

Will bring sExting to a whole new level , maybe even some new adult content.

If batt is better than existing Galaxy S phones, will be a real step up.

I WANT, i think it would be awesome to play games in 3d action, i probably wouldnt record video in 3d much but playing games and watching video in 3d would be really nice. Also have lwp in 3d would just look awesome. my evo sitting next to me is starting to get a little jealous, not a huge fan of lg but this phone is tempting!! Whens it due out im going to play with a demo ASAP