Optimus 2X

LG has surprised just about everyone this evening, and released the Ice Cream Sandwich kernel source for the Optimus 2X. Word from developers is that this source also applies to the P999 (T-Mobile G2X) as well. This means two things -- one, LG is serious about releasing ICS for the 2X, and that the CM team can now crank out a much better CyanogenMod 10 build for the devices.

It's a little late, but better late than never. Look for development on these devices to step back up again.

Source: LG; via XDA


Reader comments

LG Optimus 2X ICS source code released


Better late than never! Could it be that LG has figured out how to avoid their own #neveragain moment?

Still, let me be the first one to say... Where's the Jelly Bean source?!

Like fatality said,
with ICS sources, Jb is not a big problem.

Im glad this has come out. ive been following the whole 2x/g2x scene, since i own the g2x my self, and my god has it been a very exciting month.

Just means I won't feel so compelled to upgrade now :) My g2x is still in great shape even after all the negligent abuse its received.

Glad to see this, my son's G2X has been a great little phone and ICS would make it better. Doesn't surprise me after the LG Lucid on VZW got upgraded to ICS since I believe it's as close to the G2X as you can get.