T-Mobile G2X

LG's dual-core Optimus 2X may launch on T-Mobile USA as the T-Mobile G2X, according to an internal T-Mobile screen leaked to TmoNews. No release date or pricing information is available as yet, and HSPA+ support is unconfirmed, but highly likely in our opinion.

The reason for the branding change is unclear. One possibility is that the G2X may run an unbranded near-stock UI like the G2, as opposed to the LG UI found on Optimus-branded phones -- we're just speculating here, though.

Check out our hands-on coverage to find out more about the Optimus 2X. [TmoNews]


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Is the LG Optimus 2X coming to T-Mobile as the G2X?


What's wrong with tmo? Not nearly as expensive as vzw they have 4g, and they are one of the last carriers to maintain unlimited data

It was announced that Sprint was getting the BB Playbook... no Android devices yet. Maybe they'll say something at CITA.

Sprint has announced an announcement at CTIA, which they didn't at MWC (which makes sense, MWC is an international event in Spain, and Sprint has no international presence, while CTIA is a US-focused event in Florida). There was even a story on it here: http://www.androidcentral.com/sprint-bringin-latest-wireless-innovation-...

Sprint is actually the only US carrier to have a large pavilion at CTIA (although Verizon is sponsoring the press area). See the map at http://daily.ctia.org/files/WIRELESS2011/showsite/doc/W2011_ShowFloor_21...

I think the "G" in the branding comes from the "G Slate" branding and not because it's a part of a "G2" line.

"G" is the branding for a general selection of T-Mobile's Android products.


I doubt the reason they are prefixing the name with a "G" is due to the G2 or G-Slate

Glad LG is giving verizon the single core revolution instead. Who needs two cores if you can have one? Same with Samsung giving verizon the stealth and not the s2. Who wants more power and better battery life? Not verizon customers, apparently.

Chances are the 2X isn't gonna end up on only one carrier... LG has been spreading the love around, just like Samsung.

Gwlaw what are you talking about verizon has got phones with the power and battery life.... Haters gonna hate I guess.

I was seriously going to hold out for this mystical "HTC Pyramid" I kinda had my heart set on that but if it comes with stock or near stock software I am going to be very very tempted.... :)

I would much rather wait for the Galaxy S2, better cameras, better screen, more RAM, and I like Samsung more than LG

Im due for an upgrade.. like yesterday!!! this phone looks very promising... but with Sprint announcements coming soon.... "EVO 2" "crossing all fingers"... ill stay with HTC and rock EVO GOODNESS all day!!!!