LG Optimus 2

Update: Apparently this one was released on some regional carriers in late 2011. Carry on, folks!

One of the bigger (if underappreciated) hits of 2011 was LG's Optimus line. And it looks like it'll be getting a follow-up version with the Optimus 2 (aka the AS680). It looks to be sporting a 3.2-inch display, Android 2.3, 3.2MP camera and 1500 mAh battery. It's got all the other usual features, like GPS and Bluetooth, and Swype is built in. 

Look for this guy to make an official appearance next week at CES, we reckon.

Source: LG; via Phonescoop


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LG Optimus 2 hits LG's website


If anything, this brings the Optimus a step back. The original line at least had a better build quality; this looks like creaky plastic city. Kudos to LG for creating a line of smartphone that is affordable and functional, but if this picture is indicative of anything, it's that this phone makes the G1 look like a quad-core beast.

What they doen't tell you is just as important as what they do...

Rear Camera: 3.2 MP, Front Camera: None
HD Record: NO
Display: 3.2" 320 x 480 pixels
CPU: 800 MHz
Size: 4.44" x 2.32" x 0.47"
Memory: 179 MB

(See: http://www.lg.com/us/mobile-phones/LG-AS680.jsp)

Over the years you might have this free phone it will cost you thousands...and you have no hope of Ice Cream Sandwich.

If LG doubled the available RAM, MP, and standby time, it would almost match the HTC Hero from 2009.

I bet HTC never saw that coming...

Although, I do wonder why manufactures come out with these types of phones and yet they let the Thunderbolts, the Revolutions, and the Charges go EOL.

I mean all 3 phones have just started to become solid phones now that they've been updated and they all have better specs than your average entry level smartphone.

I agree. Instead of having these crappy entry level phones, just make the higher end phones cheaper after a while.

I know not everyone wants to wait till the higher ends get cheaper so I see why they do it.

So, since AC didnt post it, the specs appear to be: 800mhz single core CPU, 180MB RAM?(!), 320x480 display.

Yuck. Nothing impressive at all about this phone. Unless they are selling it for $5 off contract or something.

It sells for a dollar OFF contract? If so, yeah, that would be a great deal.

I am guessing it is not selling for $1 off contract though.

I agree with a previous post. I know not everyone wants to drop $200-$300 on a new phone so its nice to have "cheaper" phones so to speak, but releasing new entry level phones is kind of silly when you could keep the better spec'd high end phones around longer and just make them cheaper.

Then again that's just my opinion and I'm not involved with or responsible with the business end of this kind of stuff and maybe its better business wise to go the route of entry level while killing off your better phones quicker.........

You are assuming that as the high-end phones become cheaper, due to market forces, that the cost of manufacturing them also comes down at the same rate. I don't think that's a valid assumption.

Likely, these low-end phones maintain the desired profit margin, while selling high-end phones at a low price point would not.

If this is the CDMA version of the Optimus Net, then I don't think this is a worthy successor to the Optimus One. I would have liked to have seen similar specs to the Motorola Triumph.

They couldn't even add a $5 camera flash?

My optimus v is almost identical to these in terms of specs. go from 600MHz to 800Mhz, overclock and i match that anyways. Its a really poor attempt at an upgrade to one of the most popular budget phones

Wait this has got to be old cause my carrier is C Spire (used to be Cellular South)! Since they are just a regional carrier they are always late getting phones, like the phones are already out of date at other carriers kinda late! We have had the LG Optimus 2 for a while now! So either we finally got a NEW phone or this is just old news! Here is a link to the LG O2 page on C Spire's website!

Frankly I would much rather eBay a better phone than use this one brand new. You can get a Thunderbolt or Fascinate for $150, and either of those destroys this phone.