LG Genesis

Looks like we had that one nailed, eh? Some three weeks after we broke the news that the LG Genesis is coming to US Cellular (and then followed up with the complete specs list), LG's listed the phone on its official site. Still no word on when the Android 2.2 clamshell -- which at one point was headed to Verizon -- is coming to the regional carrier. But the fact that LG has US Cellular listed means it's definitely more likely than not.

Stay tuned for pricing and availability, folks.

Source: LG; via Pocketnow

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BrianTufo says:

Yikes! That thing isn't very pleasing on the eyes.

patfactorx says:


NormanGC says:

Wow this is a very nice phone!

The size of it appeals to many who do not want to carry a brick in their pockets or purse.

The resolution 480X800 on BOTH screen 3.5 and 3.2" will be exceptionally bright and sharp! The Droid X has 480X850 on a 4.3" screen! The LG has more pixels per inch than the Droid X.

For people who like the physical keyboard, this is an awesome layout!

It comes with a 1ghz processor! This is as powerful as the new single core phones like the Thunderbolt, Charge and DInc2

It comes with 8gb MicroSD card which is fine.

It comes with both a wall charger AND a car charger. Most phones only come with 1 charger. You generally have to spend $20-$30 more for the car charger.

I think, when you look at the whole package, it looks like a really solid phone! It will definitely have it's place!

VDub2174 says:

It comes with a car charger? That's awesome!! I wish more companies did that when they sell their phones.

BBtech3632 says:

Pricing is looking to be 149.99 after $100.00 MIR

GilmourD says:

enV Android?

shmutt1980 says:

I think this phone would FLY if it hit the prepay market.

hoovhartid says:

I'm hoping they bring this to everyone like they did the optimus series. This phone eliminates the need for dual cameras! simple, small, love it!