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Another day, another LG Nexus (aka Nexus 4, aka Optimus Nexus) leak. This time it's from Belarusian tech site, which scored some high-res, higher-quality shots of the device now almost certain to be Google's next flagship phone. The shots show the same LG-E960 device sighted in earlier leaked pics, with a Galaxy Nexus-like front and LG "crystal reflection process" back. Same on-screen buttons, same LG and Google branding around the back.

There are a few visible details that weren't shown in previous leaks, however. You can clearly make out the two-tone trim, with a shiny metallic front and darker matte back, along with an iPhone-style microSIM located under the volume rocker.

The site also confirms the list of specs we've heard from other sources -- a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, 2GB of RAM, a 1280x768 display, 8MP rear camera and 8GB of on-board storage. On the software side, it's running Android 4.1.2, just like the handsets in earlier leaked images.

The quickening pace of leaks certainly suggests we're about ready to see this thing announced. The latest unconfirmed reports suggest an announcement -- and possibly even a launch -- at the end of the month could be on the cards.

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LG Nexus crops up once again in higher-quality pics


Looks like this is going to be the first Nexus phone with a non-removable battery. Positively useless comment, I know.

EDIT: wait a minute, what am I seeing here? Assuming like the last two Nexi, the headphone jack is on the bottom, what is that hole at the top for?

You know what they say about assumptions......

The hole in the top of the phone is clearly a headphone jack.

Of course I do, not that it makes any sense, it leaves more than half of the word unaccounted for.

No s@#t buddy, but who said anything about "assume"? The guy who responded to me said "assumptions"
Get it? They say "when you assume", no one ever said "you know what they say about assumptions". Damn, get some comprehension.

WHY would you want a BOTTOM head phone jack, I dont get it!
When you pull the phone out of your pocket while listening to music, wouldn't you like to pull it out RIGHT SIDE UP?

No, because when my phone is in my pants pocket, it's upside down, hence the headphone jack being placed at the bottom is more intuitive and logically placed.

With the phone being upside down in my pants pocket, the headphone wire isn't at the bottom of the pocket and when I reach for my phone, I'll pull it out and it'll be right side up when I look at it -> won't have to flip it up to look at it.

Thought this would be common sense....

lol what??

just because you put your phone in your pocket buttom side up, doesnt mean everyone else does, nor does it make it "common Sense"

If the phone is in your pocked upside down, then you get it out it will be in your hand the correct way.

If the bottom side it down, you have to rotate the phone in your hand after you take it our of your pocket or before you put it in.

Exactly what Cube1701 said.

Phone goes in pocket bottom side up so when you pull it out with your hand, it's right side up without adjusting it.

That's a pretty common sense way to handle your phone, and would also make sense for the headphone jack to be at the bottom of the phone, as that would prevent the cord and jack being stuck at the bottom of your pants where the top of the phone is.

Yeah i dont know anyone that puts there phone bottom if not conected to headphone jack. So i always tought bottom headphone jack made more sense.

I wonder what percentage of people put their phone in their pocket upside down, it never occurred to me that anyone would do this. The reason I put it in my pocket right side up is because I check the time on my phone many times a day and to do so all I have to do is pull the phone half way out of my pocket.
On a somewhat related note, I don't know why so many (right handed) people use their right hand to answer a phone, it makes much more sense so use your left hand so you can use your right hand to take notes, etc.

Why do you need to leave your phone halfway in your pocket? Are you hiding it from someone?

I find it much easier and more comfortable to pull the phone out of my pocket and press the power button like I normally do to check the time.

It just makes sense to put it in upside down. I'm really not happy with the current trend of moving the headphone socket to the top (eg on my GS3), I much prefer using my Nexus for the gym because of this.
Ps when I bought my first mobile phone I deliberately learned to type using my left hand so I'd always have my right hand free. I wonder how many other people are right handed but primarily use their left hand for texting etc?

If you're holding a phone, the action of tilting your arm downwards with the aim at your pocket. You're intuitively going to flip your phone upside down, that is unless you specifically decide to flip the phone so that it's right side up in your pocket and upside down in your hand. At which point in time, you're the one suffering from common sense.

Actually, he's correct. When you put your phone in your pocket, you naturally put it in upside down (try it). The only way to put your phone in "right side up" is to stop and actually flip it upside down in your hand, before you place it in your pocket, and who in the world does that? (Even if you use your headphones while your headphone is out on a desk in front of you, with the jack on top, you would have to turn your phone upside down on your desk to have the cord extend naturally). So that is a major reason to place the cord on the bottom, so it naturally extends from the pocket without getting twisted up in the pocket. Also, when you hold the phone in your hand, the cord extends naturally away from you, instead of hanging over the top of the phone...aside from this being an annoyance, many headphone cords extend straight at their base and the constant bend at the seam from curling over at the top or in your pocket, tends to cause the cord to rip at that bending point.

Hud3500 sums it up perfectly here.

I'm kind of surprised that more phone manufacturers don't put the headphone jack at the bottom.

Another reason would be if you've got the headphons in, and you're holding your phone, looking at it, the jack/cord would be at the bottom and wouldn't obstruct the screen. With the jack at the top, you will have to make sure the cord is bent behind the phone so it won't interrupt your vision.

Minor annoyances, but again, just common sense solutions.

If your phone is upside down in your pocket theres no readjusting your hand when you pull it out. It's all one motion thats assuming you don't wear pants tight enough for people to make out whats in your pockets just by looking at you. If you do then all bets are off. Plus your headphone cord is less in the way and does't have to be "positioned" so that it's not hanging across the screen. Bottom headphone jack iis underrated convenience IMO.

Agreed with what I Can Be Your Hero said...also, when I reach into my pocket and pull out my phone, which is upside down, the way I'm holding it is the proper orientation to immediately begin using it.

for me, i would like to keep all plugs in one charger and headphone jack on bottom. Side charge (like moto) has got to go!

Having the headphone jack on the top is really stupid, not only is it just plain weird, it doesn't make much sense since many people put their phones top first into their pockets and then when they take it back out, it'll be right side up.... If you put your phone right side up in your pocket then you'd have to rotate it right side up when you take it out of your pocket...

I have one scenario where on the top makes sense. I always listen to music in my car and use an aux cable to do that. I usually then put the phone in the cup holder. The jack on the bottom is super inconvenient if you wanna run Navigation as well in that situation. Since I use headphones less often than use the phone in my car, I happen to like the jack on top better.

Alright that's fine, but then why leave the screws exposed like that? LG's never done that to my recollection, and it's never been an aesthetic on Nexus devices.
I mean the thing is clearly shaped just like the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus S before it, and then someone decides to move the headphone jack and leave two screw exposed on the botton but not on the sides or the top?
Guess google's really going balls out with the Nexus program now.

Because its a prototype. Chances are highly unlikely those will still be there in the final version.

That's obviously the headphone jack, which has been established to be on the top instead of the bottom. There are a few firsts for this nexus device, in comparison to the previous models. I, for one, will hold off for the Gnote 2 for Verizon. I'm ok with no SD card slot, as I've gotten used to that with the gnex. Of course that's only as long as there's at least 32Gb on board memory to work with. However, non-removable battery is a deal breaker for me, and many others. What were they thinking ... o well

Yes I know, this horse has been beaten to death over and over again. But I must vent to my fellow android lovers to feel okay once again :-D

Edit: holy cheese wiz Batman! So many have beat me to this response WHILE I was writing this insanely long rant ... my apologies good people of android central - horse = dead-

My wife (who has been using my Galaxy Nexus for a few months) just got her GNote and loves it. The battery life in particular is incredible!

Or we'll get a 'Nexus' device from some other OEM.

With the S4 chipset supporting CDMA/GSM/LTE, it's not crazy to think that a variation of this device looking identical could be on the cusp of Verizon's smartphone lineup. Think Galaxy S3, AT&T/T-Mo/AT&T/Sprint all look identical, but work for both CDMA and GSM networks.

That makes two of us. I am massively disappointed in the glass non-removable back that I used to tease the iphone 4/4s for. Now that the new iphone has moved past that, I'm stuck with it? Nope. Here's to hoping there will be variants that aren't so massively disappointing.

The curve is gone....completely.....that's one part of the design I loved....hopefully a Samsung Nexus will be coming out too, if not, I'll have to pass.

Seriously... my biggest worry with upgrading my phone any time soon is actually losing the contour display of the Galaxy Nexus that I have. If this next Nexus had that, it would be something I'd spend some time on thinking about. But without that... Nope. Not upgrading this round. Specs just aren't good enough moving from the Galaxy Nexus, which is good enough in every regard in my opinion, and I would lose one of the things that I have absolutely fallen in love with. Maybe next year...

Well, no question that I keep happily using my Gnex. 8gb of storage is not acceptable, and the form factor seems pretty vanilla. At least LG is getting some Google love.

Yeah, I really hope so too. I would love this, and be a sure buyer, but 8 GB just makes no sense, considering the type of large and powerful apps Google and it's app store provide. I will respect them regardless of the end result, given the amazing things they've brought to the table in the tech-world; but I would rather have another dual-core Nexus with adequate storage. This will be crippling to an otherwise extremely powerful/capable mobile device for those who enjoy apps that are large in size, such as mobile games, Google Maps, Chrome for Android etc..
I still can't help but feel that 8GB is being reported wrong; either intentionally, or just by mistake.. But every leak seems to support this.
Whatever it is, the Galaxy Nexus is a great phone, and I'd be happy to have it until another Nexus comes--maybe getting a GS3 in between then to keep me amused. Since I was only using this upcoming Nexus release as an excuse to get a new device, rather than a genuine need, I've come to terms with whatever will happen.
Accurately reported or cruel hoax, I'm still more than thrilled with the state of the Android operating system-which is what counts most to me. The open source nature of it means that there will always be vast amounts of great hardware(with adequate storage) to put it on.
I'll live..? :-)

I've said it since the first LG rumor a month ago, the Nexus name is going to take a hit after this..

I guess they really want this to be a developer *only* device given the measly 8gb storage options (I wonder what will be left after the OS and basic needed apps are installed). Then again, many developers might be turned off over the lack of a removable battery too, nothing like being tethered when writing/testing that new software.

I wasn't implying that storage and battery size would hurt the Nexus image, was referring to it being an LG made device, which have been known to be subpar..

Yes because they only bring out 1 model of the phone, no higher storage models will be made available.

heres a crazy idea, what if they bring out a 8gb, 16gb, and 32gb models, where the 8gb will only be sold via the play store while the 16gb and 32gb versions will be the ones going to stores..... you know like theyve done with the nexus 7.

Also many many phones are now without removal batteries, since battery life has gotton alot better in the last 12 months, its a serious non issue, instead of carrying around a spare battery, people can carry round one of those micro usb emergency chargers if needs be, which although might not be as good, can still be a life saver if needed.

"the 8gb will only be sold via the play store while the 16gb and 32gb versions will be the ones going to stores" - This is the only way that a 8GB makes sense - unless Google can get the carriers to install LTE in every area of the world and have it be unlimited.

People who buy Nexus phones directly from Google are the exact opposite of the kind of people that would waste money on an 8GB phone; they are too technically savvy for such idiocy.

Serious question - WHY even have the 8GB model? To save the extra $.50 it would cost to put a larger drive in there? There just isn't a good reason for such a low level of storage; convolutions and excuses aside, it's just dumb. 8GB gives you essentially 5-6GB of actual usable space on the phone. There's just no good reason for this.

I'm glad that since YOU have better battery life and probably hardly use your device allowing for amazing battery life that the rest of us should suffer with a non-removable battery. :)

This device is a lame stale copy of the GNex with better guts and garbage for storage. I can't believe the blind Nexus fanboys here who say 8GB or 16GB is enough for a smartphone. Have you not installed a single GOOD game lately? They are getting huge! I LOVE my Nexus 7 but hate having to watch how many apps I have and how many movies I currently have on it. Thank god for USB-OTG!!

Most people doing development are constantly on front of the computer, which almost always means they're right by an electrical outlet, and while writing or compiling, the phone is nearly always plugged in. Not trying to attack your statement- just pointing out that removable batteries really a quality anybody considers in the context of development.
And just in case the question comes: "What if the device boot-loops and you need to battery pull?"--to use the N7 as an example, if the device loops/freezes, you hold down power and both volume buttons for about ten seconds, and it will restart..
8 GBs does not mean that this is for development anyway though. Yes, Nexus phones are made as reference devices for Android developers, and Google absolutely considers that when making them by putting things like the "Developer Options" menu in the OS, but it is still generally considered a device for anyone who likes Android.

I started out disgusted with the thought of LG tainting the Nexus brand. I Have an Evo LTE and while I love the hardware and the new sense is not bad at all it's not Vanilla Jellybean. I have rooted and ran CMX but the development is just not as robust as the GS3. Not to mention HTC has really turned it's back on the development community. Not being able to flash a custom kernel in the recovery S-On patching everything with every update its really said actually seeing as how they made the first Nexus. With all that said this phone is stating to grow on me. The thing I liked most about my Galaxy Nexus was the design. That jet black clean front when the screen is off is priceless. This seems to be that but with 2nd to none internal hardware. Stock Jellybean on quad core with 2gigs of RAM? Are you kidding me? Can you say future proof? The Evo LTE is the first phone I've had with a non hot swappable battery and I must say it lasts all day the S4 really lived up to the hype in that regard so I have no reason to believe the pro version won't be even better. My only concern is them making that battery to small but anything 2000mah and above will be fine sometimes i get 20 hours with medium use on my Evo which has a 2100mah. Also the rumors of the 16gig being the max I just don't buy. What is more within reason is that initially the 8 and 16 gig versions will be available and the 32 gig will come later. However Im on sprint and they seem to get it when it comes to storage. They offer the galaxy nexus in a 32 gig and it Launched at 199.99 and they put a storage card slot on the One X aka Evo LTE. So if the screen is on par with the One X and the Battery is big enough I think I'll sell my Evo and pick this up. It's still a tough call though I can't shake that uneasy feeling I get in the pit of my stomach when I see a smartphone with LG on it.

Sidenote: it just occurred to me after looking at the last pic next to the iphone that google may have or plans to take a small page out of the apple playbook.....(I know bare with me here for a sec lol) is it possible given how much like the Galaxy Nexus this new Nexus' design is that google may be looking at standardizing the Nexus design a bit. If you think about it, it has kind of a iphone3G to 3Gs kind of a evolution to it. I mean aloooooooot of people really love the design and ergonomics of the galaxy nexus. Not everyone loves Samsung's materials but I rarely hear someone say the GN is hideous or it's a brick. Even the screen size people hail as just right. Perhaps google listened and decided this is a good base design language and plans to keep it similar for a few years. That would help brand recognition no doubt.

I agree with just about everything you mentioned here, esp. your comment about Google possibly trying to standardize the design and form factor of the Nexus phone line. Being on Sprint as well, I assume this phone (and possibly any other Nexus phones if that rumor's true) will arrive sometime mid to late Q1 2013...which stinks if it's something I'd consider later. A non-removable battery I don't care about as long as the capacity is decent. I'm really waiting to see if this thing'll be getting a 16GB/32GB model(s).

I've had the same thoughts on design. People love familiarity, and standardization let's people know what to expect. A consistent, signature look is just what the Nexus line needs to establish/distinguish itself amongst piles of Android phones. Many mainstream customers don't understand the difference between Android-based phones and Google's Android phones-which is 100% understandable, given one would really need to understand the philosophy/structure of Google's open-source ecosystem. It's one of Android's greatest stuggles, and a unified Nexus line could help start a path to healing the situation.

While I'd like to agree I simply can't at this point. The Nexus line simply doesn't sell well. Hell even Samsung said after the whole Apple adding the GNex to their lawsuit that the GNex didn't sell much and that it wasn't a huge deal. The only people who want a Nexus device are people like us who are into tech stuff. The mainstream android user just wants a phone with really cool features and one they have heard of before going into a store. They don't care about S4 pro quad-core. They want a nice phone with storage and features. Google needs to work on their marketing because every GNex commercial I ever saw was 100% awful. They should get with Samsung and learn how to market a device.

This one I will pass. The 10 inch Nexus tablet on the other hand...that i can't wait to hear about.

Im with you on that although I feel about samsung and tablets like people do about LG and smartphone.....hate, lol had Asus been named as the OEM i'd be handing over my money blindfolded. I'll approach it with an open mind though the word Nexus changes things alot.

8gb of memory with no sd slot? No thanks. Nexus phones are be becoming a joke like apples phones.

Apple's phones are a "joke", huh? Just because it's not for many of us here doesn't mean it's a joke. 8GBs of storage or not, Google will still be a force in mobile technology-and so will Apple.
Just because something is a joke to you means nothing about it's success or broad appeal. You sound just as bad as the "iSheep" many like to put down here. If Apple fans are sheep, how are we not?

That is a Copy of the Galaxy Nexus gone 110% wrong! screw holes or lint holders? 8gb onboard? aren't specs suppose to keep moving forward not backwards? the display looks washed out...and it's an LG? no thanks

Remember this might not be the finalised design. I agree that 8/16gb combo is an odd choice. Surely 16/32 combo is better as many still want a decent amount of physical storage. If they enable usb otg then that would help things, but considering you have to root to get this feature on the Nexus 7 I guess it is unlikely (very odd considering it's not a hardware limitation).

Personally I think this looks nicer than the Galaxy Nexus (my fiancee has one). I have only had my One X for 6 months though so I won't be buying this until April at the earliest. Gives me some time to see how it is received. Having a Nexus 7 though I am keen to get a Nexus phone.

Kinda looks strange to see the trim around the flash but a simple cutout for the camera. Seems like it should be the other way around from a visual perspective.

Disappointed. I can NOT get behind any phone with only 8GB of storage (with no sd card slot). THAT in itself, is a deal breaker for me. 2nd, not a fan of non removable batteries, UNLESS it is on the market and PROVED after extended use to be a revolution in battery longevity and promoted as such (like the Droid RAZR series). 3rd, headphone jack should be on BOTTOM...come on, LG, we figured that out like a year ago. If all of those seatures prove to be true, I will unfortunately have to pass on this Nexus, and ride out my Galaxy Nexus until the next one.

So sick of reading about lack of storage. WE GET IT! You need to have everything everywhere. OK! You havent embraced the cloud. ALRIGHT!

Not everyone is always in a WiFi covered area. And not everyone has unlimited data. So yeah, if those people want to be able to do anything with their phone, they need more than 8GB's storage.

Low on storage, non removable battery and worst of all it looks Bland.

At least it looks well made. Wake me up in a years time or if HTC release a Nexus Certified phone.

Funny how a lot of people think there will only be one model of this device with only one option for storage.

Here's a crazy thought...they'll more than likely offer multiple storage options. I doubt this will be the end all, be all variant of the LG Nexus.

But yet in the end,once the smoke clears, most of you that's whining will end up buying one eventually anyway.

Not me. I'd buy a Nexus 7 (or more likely 10 when available) and tether it to my Galaxy Nexus before I would buy this one.

Its so funny that people actually give thought to which way they put the phone in their pocket....just stuff it in with the headphone jack up.....duh mind blowing....if its upside down when you pull it out of your pocket......wait for it.....just.....omg.....turn it the right way.....thank you I'll be here all day.....tip your AC moderater......

I really wish Sony would get on board with the Nexus program. Otherwise I'll buy the next flagship and slap CM10/CM11 when it comes out.

I would like to see a Sony Nexus as well, with a really good camera. Sony is doing some great things with their camera tech lately.

Remember that most of their camera tech wouldn't be open source, thus, I wouldn't be part of a Nexus they made. I bet it would still be nicer than the ones we have on the Gnex and this LG, but not on par with the Xperia T.

Wow 8gb of storage... Welcome back 2009.....Never in 100 years not even for free would I want this device... My Galaxy S3 with 80gb of storage pimp slaps this senseless...

Why are people still going on and on about the 8Gb? It's a prototype. I don't see any company making prototypes with 32gb or 64gb of storage. I'm sure there will be other options in storage size. People actually think google will release only an 8gb Nexus device? LOL

Secondly, a lot of hate for LG but I think we have all forgotten Where Samsung was exactly 2 years ago. No one wanted a Samsung phone because they never updated any of their phones and they had numerous of hardware issues (GPS anyone?). People were bitching about the Nexus S announcement just like they're bitching about this LG (and it hasn't even been announced yet). Eventually the Nexus S was a success and Samsung went ahead and blew the market with their GSII.

What makes you guys think google can't do the same with the LG?

I'm leaning towards agreeing with you, as I really think 8GBs is unlikely. I'm waiting for an actual announcement to judge this situation. I won't be "blind with rage" like some have expressed, but rather, I'm just happy that Android exists in the model it does-able to adapt to tons of hardware. No one has to buy this it were to be true, but I'm definitely with you--it doesn't make sense that they'd do this.
Reason has been seriously lacking since the start of these leaks.

Is that the only option on the market? No. You quoted me as saying "ONLY an 8 gb..." However, we both know the Nexus 7 has a 16gb version and a 32gb version has been spotted.

Yes a 32GB "has been spotted" MONTHS after release and the rush of people who gave Google money for one already. Great idea to keep the consumer happy lol.

P.S. I own the 16GB version and love it just don't want a pos phone with 8 or 16GB of storage.

"just don't want a pos phone with 8 or 16GB". Don't like it? That's fine. Don't buy it.

Nothing is being forced on us. Unlike another company with a single product each year, you actually have options out there when it comes to Android.

Is it just me or does the LG Nexus resemble the earlier iPhone a little? Perhaps the iPhone 3G? Perhaps its the illusion with the shiny edges, top and bottom bezel.

Also, am I the only one who don't quite like the general trend that Android seems to be heading (perhaps its my own misinterpretation)? The newer versions and revisions of Android seems to trend towards the iOs buttons concept. First the switch to capacitative buttons, then to on-screen buttons, then the elimination of the MENU button. We seem to be heading to a buttonless, or less buttons, concept. I for one really really loved the MENU buttons, and I think this was one of the most useful button/feature of Android. On the newer phones, the dedicated MENU button is no longer there and is replaced by the [...] button, which is on the app, and could be anywhere, rather than as a dedicated button (similar to iOs?). And the introduction of the 'Recent apps'/'Switch apps' button, why do we need that? Android already has that feature long time ago by long-pressing the HOME button, why do we need a new button to duplicate that? The original SEARCH button was quite handy as well, but that has gone. What's next? I hope that Android won't evolve to remove the BACK button, which will then be like iOs where the only button is the HOME button...

I anticipate that this comment might attract some angry response, but again, this is just my personal opinion, and I am actually a proud owner of Android devices (especially HTC's!). I am one of the earlier adopters of Android (among my peers) and have owned 3 HTC Android phones, currently using the HTC Sensation, looking to possibly upgrade to a new HTC Android phone soon (looking at the HTC One X+), but the new button layouts just made me hesitate...

Menu button been removed due change of UI which use action bar concept with overflow (n fact if you look on the code it actully use same subsystem and menu button), menu button been replaced with recent button.... they didnt remove that buton just change the function. [...] button is just for backward compatibility and defently will disapper over time. I think ICS did something that iOS had sicne begining and was missing android... the unified apperence identity... before that Android UI was pretty random and didn't give developer a ideah ot o make UI... ICS solve that. now we got action bar, tabs, bottom actions, you know how everything behave just looking on it thanks to unfied UI.

Imo this is best thing they made for Android, only issue is the transtion process is slugish

Apparently I am in the minority, but I like it! :-)

But I ASSUME that LG will add more storage for the production models; it would be silly (and pretty stupid) not to. The rest of the specs look good and on par with the top of the line Android phones, I couldn't understand why they would slit their own throats with limiting it to 8GB.

Given that, if it IS only 8GB, I don't think I can swallow that. I carry around a reasonable amount of music/apps (~13GB on my iPhone 4) and can't "stream" my music all the time- Just not possible (or desirable).

I am looking forward to the newest Nexus. I am a webOS, turned iPhone, user who is not overly happy with the iPhone5 and is considering a change again. I like how stable my iPhone is, but it's lost some of its "fun". I picked up a Nexus 7 (the ONLY Android device I have liked - and I have tried quite a few) and hope that this new Nexus phone is as good.

As far as which company releases it? My only experience with LG has been an old flip phone (the Muziq) and my washer and dryer - all good experiences. So I don't mind that. (I AM a bit surprised to see people wishing Samsung would do it again. Didn't the Galaxy Nexus have lots of problems?) Oh, well. Can't wait! :)

The problem with people who think 8GB is enough have never used more recent android phones and services.

I thought I'd be ok with the Nexus S and 14GB of usable space. Nope.

Caching destroys any space you might have. If you use any kind of cloud services you lose about 2-3 gigs MINIMUM.

Know what else takes up space? Your own gallery. Kiss another gig away for thumbnails.

And that's assuming you can even have room for pics.

I don't even use my 16GB of onboard storage for anything. Music, videos, and everything else is on my SD card but I only have 3GB free.

8GB is unusable. I'd argue 16GB is unusable. 32GB is the least amount of usable space in 2012. If google thinks the top storage option from 2007 is acceptable they're going to flop.

I hope this pre-production model just has a small amount for cost purposes but if they release it and expect it not to get laughed out of the room, they're going to need 16/32/64GB options.

As far as batteries go, I haven't once felt pain with my EVO LTE. These S4 chipsets today are outstandingly efficient. And I'm excited to see a Nexus from someone other than Samsung

I think the phone looks nice, but 8 GB of storage and a non-removable battery are deal killers for me. I want a removable battery and a larger storage option.

I would NEVER consider buying any phone with a built in battery and no SD card slot unless the phone itself had more than 64gb built in. Even with 64gb built into any phone with no SD card slot, I would have to think hard about purchase. 96gb on my S3 is awesome!!!!

Get over the storage options already. Do you all actually think for one second that LG is stupid enough to release a phone spec'd like this with only 8 GB of storage? I mean come on. Use your brains for just 1 second, please.

Overall, this looks to me like a really nice device, but I'm happy enough with my gnex that I'll probably skip a generation. Granted, I would love to see HTC make another nexus, but this phone should be great. LG has always made decent if not great hardware, but they have lacked on the software front. Considering this is a nexus though, I don't really see any problems that could arise, nor do I find it reasonable to think it's going to suck because it's made by LG.

Solid hardware maintained directly by Google.

"Do you all actually think for one second that LG is stupid enough to release a phone spec'd like this with only 8 GB of storage?"


QUOTE FROM ARTICLE UPON WHICH WE ARE COMMENTING: "The site also confirms the list of specs we've heard from other sources -- a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, 2GB of RAM, a 1280x768 display, 8MP rear camera and >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 8GB of on-board storage<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<."

So yes, for at least 1 second, I am thinking LG might be stupid enough to release an 8GB version of this phone. I personally would hope they wouldn't, but it's their company, not mine, they can do whatever they want.

Google released a tablet with only 8gb storage. A tablet is even more likely to be used for watching movies and playing games that require a lot of space. So, yes, I do believe LG is stupid enough to release a phone like this with 8GB storage since Google is deciding what hardware to use.

Tablets can get by with 8 GB onboard storage since they're used in wifi mostly, and the cloud is more accessible. A phone with only 8 GB is more limiting because of carrier data limits and out-of-service areas.

I'm really liking the back now with these hi Res photos. It looked glittery in the previous leaks. Looks kool in these photos tho. Might just be me.

I dont like the non removable battery, 8GB of storage and the overall design of the device. I hope the final version will be better then this prototype. otherwise, I'll rather buy the "old" Galaxy nexus :)

The phone at least looks good. I was writing this off when it was just a brick.

But if it really ends up having 8GB storage, I will be getting an S3 or a GNex.

Waiting to see!!

Yeah what's with the trim around the flash. Certainly could have done something similar to the Gnex there. I use a case so it doesn't matter much.

If Sprint sticks to the Nexus line I may consider with LTE and 32gb or more of storage. If not my Sprint Gnex is serving me well bad camera and all.

The 8GB is more than likely just for testing purposes. Personally never been a fan of LG phones. Most of what I have seen from them on the phone side have just been cheap looking phones. I have a Gnex ATM that is working great will def last me until late next year. I'll skip this round of phones. I will though be looking for either a 32GB Nexus7 or the new Sammy Nexus 10 in model when it's announced.

Just checked: 3.3 GB free on my 32GB GNex. I might be able to talk myself into a 16GB phone, but 8GB is a nonstarter. Sorry, Google.

Hopefully all this bitching about the storage will wake Google up.

The actual picture, or the form factor? It's hard to tell what the picture quality is like from the pictures and it looks like the brightness is turned way down. If you're talking about the form factor, I think it looks pretty good, it's just like the screen of the Galaxy Nexus but without the slight curve.

I mean the actual picture from the screen, it does indeed appear to have the brightness turned down, but even with that the blacks look really horrible, I know its not an AMOLED but still a lot of the current design of android is blacks and if the screen makes all blacks look milky grey its not going to be such a good experience as it is with the current AMOLED on the gnex. As for the form factor, it looks gorgeous :)

I realize that the "stated" purpose of the Nexus device is as a developer handset for testing and what not. Google however has made a concerted effort to get these devices into the hands of the public at large, this the reason for selling it directly at the Play store.

So why in God's name would you make a cutting edge device and only include 8GB of storage and no sd card support???? and please don't tell me that's what drive is for! I use drive and every other major cloud service out there and most of them are just ok. Dropbox being the best of the bunch. Skydrive works pretty good too. Drive doesn't even allow you to download a file, it simply makes it available offline meaning it stores it on your device. I want to be able to download it whenever I need it now have it on my device all the time. If I have the file on my device all the time then what do I need the cloud for??

I'm still having misgivings about the "with Google" logo instead of just plain "Google." The Nexus One, Nexus S, and Galaxy Nexus (GSM) all have a "Google" logo on the back, not "with Google." The Nexus 7 has "nexus" written on the back. Yes, this is a prototype that may change before launch, but I'd be much less suspicious of a "Google" or "nexus" logo rather than a "with Google" logo.

I feel like the overreaction about this 8gb of storage is a perfectly reasonable factor to call you all sheep. Just yesterday there were benchmarks floating around from another prototype of the LG Nexus and what did it have....Oh, 16gb. Why don't you all just sit down, stop typing the same things over and over and think about how ridiculous you're being? The phone isn't even announced yet.

Stop spamming the Android Central comment section with bullshit propaganda.

What if....those screw holes..... are to remove the back so you can get to the battery? I know most people would hate that but I would much rather have to unscrew to small screws to get to the battery over nothing being able to at all.

I'm absolutely stunned that Google is releasing it's reference device with 8GB of storage, AND NO EXPANDABILITY? Abject fail, Goog. Sadly, you are sending customers away. No, the cloud is not the answer, especially considering throttled data plans and lack of wifi in many, many areas. We need far, FAR more internal storage than this. This phone is useless, and I hope it doesn't sell at all, so that Google will listen to customers and stop this idiocy.

Nothing has been formally announced or determined. Secure from red alert. You will probably have more choices. Just wait for them.