LG Nexus 4

Complete specs of the Google Nexus 4 by LG:

  • SCREEN: 4.7" diagonal; 1280 x 768 pixel resolution (320 ppi); WXGA IPS; Corning(R) Gorilla(R) Glass 2
  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon(TM) S4 Pro
  • SIZE: 133.9 x 68.7 x 9.1 mm
  • WEIGHT: 139g
  • CAMERAS: 8 MP (main); 1.3 MP (front)
  • NETWORK: Unlocked GSM/UMTS/HSPA+; GSM/EDGE/GPRS (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz); 3G (850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100 MHz); HSPA+ 21
  • MEMORY: 16 GB internal storage (actual formatted capacity will be less); 2 GB RAM
  • CONNECTIVITY: Micro USB; SlimPort HDMI; 3.5mm headphone jack
  • WIRELESS: Wireless charging
  • WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n
  • NFC: (Android Beam)
  • BATTERY: 2,100 mAh Lithium polymer
  • OS: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
  • SENSORS: Microphone; Accelerometer; Compass; Ambient light; Gyroscope; Barometer; GPS

Reader comments

LG Nexus 4 specs


I was getting worried that the Nexus 4 wouldn't have penta-band support, now I can rest easy. I'll be ordering this sucker the moment it becomes available!

Well now that the cat's out, I can give some insight. I've been using the device for about a month and the wireless charging has to be by far the best feature of the device, its fast (like charges faster than my gnex) battery life is comparable to that of the gnex with the OE extended battery. The quick settings menu is fantastic, although I still prefer the power control widget. The back of the device is stunning (pictures dont do it justice at all) although ours is different than the retail variant as always. I actually prefer it to my gnex, the non removable battery is a non issue for me, couldnt care less. I learned to live without an SD card long ago (cloud storage really is amazing once you get used to it) and the lack of LTE, also couldn't care less. We use T-Mobile for our business phones and I use them for personal lines as well. HSPA is very fast, a tad above the gnex. There's my preliminary thoughts, i'll post more as I feel needed.

totally spaced and forgot about the speaker! light years above the gnex in terms of sound volume output, im amazed by comparison.

Awesome!! i was gonna ask the same question. but what about Wi-Fi?? is the antenna on this nexus better than the gnex?

I've never had an issue with poor antenna strength from my gnex, so it's tough to say. I'll ask some of the guys at work. I know the first batch of employee models had terrible radios (worse than reports i've read on consumer models) and 4.1 made it worse, but that was supposedly fixed in the play store variant. I'll ask around and see if I can get something concrete from someone at the office still using the employee model. (I'm not, it's back in the box and my play store variant is all I use anymore, well until the N4 got in my mailbox at work)

How is the camera on the phone? Was going to get the Gnex but heard the camera sucked ass so I held off. I need a really good camera.

I'd say on par with the iphone 4s, I have no experience with the one x or GS3, my only basis of comparison is the 4S, just cause my sister has one, which i'd say the pictures are very close in terms of reproduction and such.

When the unlocked version is $350, I can't even complain that there's no LTE. HSPA+ is fast enough. Everywhere I go, I average around 20mbps down. And that's more than enough to keep me happy.

So Google, I have 6 words for you:


EXACTLY i see people complaining about no sdcard no lte only 16 gig.... F that its 349 no contract .. SOLD !

Yeah, the only time not having LTE would be an issue would be on a CDMA network. Then I would never consider it.

Anyone else notice that they didn't bother to upgrade to HSPA+ 42? As long as the GNex gets 4.2 I just don't see the need to upgrade.

to confirm, Verizon subscribers are screwed out of this, eh?

No CDMA version and no LTE version?
Verizon makes life difficult as an Android fanboi

Why would Google want a Nexus on Verizon or Sprint after the Galaxy Nexus mess? Remember the whole point of Google's Nexus program was that the devices would receive timely updates directly from Google and that will just NEVER happen on Verizon or Sprint.

I hear ya man,
But I think Google would want to try and find some solution, the whole 50% of the US that's on Verizon and all.

At least perhaps VZW will pick this up, and re-sell it for Verizon. As long as the price is similar, I'm open to it

yep, guess i'll never own another nexus because there is NO WAY im leaving verizon. the coverage is just too good and i need my phone to work 100% of the time because i use it for work calls and emails. over 3k minutes a month

same. I think there is a large, large population who really just want to phone to work and not tinker with it.

I love messing with ROMs and stuff, but above it all I need my phone to function for business.
Sadly, the Nexus line is missing out on quite a few potential customers.

It seems people still do not understand the point of a nexus. US carriers have control over LTE, hence the vzx and sprint debocle with the gnex, there is no rush to get in another spot like that and those customers to have to miss out on having a "real nexus" you wouldn't want something half assed, and they don't want to half ass it. so switch to GSM like the smart ones if you want a nexus otherwise, hush and deal with your bloatware devices.

really switch to gsm that is outdated and lacks coverage my vzw has? hey it's cool that Google decided not to enhance there nexus and go back to there roots of just selling a phone that lacks technology and better software. Guess at next Apple press release they have the LG nexus up on stage say do you really want a phone that cant do lte and has last year's tech. or do want our baby that if you choose can either be on att or vzw? truly sad state of affairs this nexus is.

CDMA is much more dated than GSM, HSPA+ can actually produce speeds close to VZW's LTE, time will tell what the future holds as far as the nexus goes and LTE.

Except the best carrier in the US for coverage uses CDMA. Also, they have LTE already in many areas. ATT also has LTE in most major cities and Sprint will in a year. If this is Google's end game, I might have to look elsewhere for my next phone. I agree, it sucks that the carriers have so much say, but they do. So instead of going around them like Google is doing, do what Apple does and beat them into submission

This exactly.
Apple can tell VZW to suck it, why can't Google?

But, the truth is most customers don't know what a "Nexus" phone even is

This comment & another just above are the best I've read on this blog in some time. The fact is VZW has better coverage than any other carrier. Period. I don't care if they use CDMA/GSM or string with plastic cups tied to the end they have the better network. For people with real lives that is the selling point. To keep having a pointless argument over what network tech is better is just dumb. VZW works where others fall short. Facts are facts & that's the bottom line.

I need my phone to make phone calls (yes I know what are phone calls?) when I dial out. As much as I'd like to support T Mobile with my contract phone business they just can't compare. AT&T? Not even a contest. Sprint? You're kidding right?

So just sit & watch as Apple goes on stage & points out how Google can't get their best Android experience phone available everywhere due to carrier issues or whatever. I can take my wife's iPhone 5 from Verizon, pop in my Straight Talk SIM, & it works without so much as a hiccup. I can't do the same with my Galaxy Nexus I ordered from the Play Store. And if this whole debate on the availability of whatever phone on which tech is better has any weight, Google should have that kind of functionality built in to their unmolested/non branded carrier phone. And yeah I'll say it too. If Apple can do it then Google can too. There is absolutely no reason why they can't utilize their influence & make this possible since Apple does.

and the fact remains that Google does not want a device on a network that requires them to forfeit what google believes is the best experience for their product. It doesn't matter what we think the fact remains that LTE is still not vastly available and to change their phone for 77 markets is not economically feasible. Think about it, Google right now offers it for 300 and 350, if you add an lte chip its increased to 650 and that is absurd. I am sorry but I think Google is doing the right thing I am on verizon but I hate them with a passion because they are the opposite of what Google represents. Google is open and free accessibly wise and Verizon wants to milk you for every penny.

The Nexus line is a niche phone for a very specific and small market. Its not a mass market phone like the Optima G, One X, S3 or Iphone. If the Galaxy Nexus had sold well I'm sure Google would have produced a CDMA version but the lack of a CDMA Nexus 4 tell us it didn't.

I have had a 16GB Galaxy Nexus for almost a year now. I have over 110 apps installed with over 500 pictures. I have 700 songs on my phone through the use of Google Music and save all documents from my computer through Google drive and can access them from my phone. After all this i still have over 5GB of storage left on my phone. 16GB is more than enough if you utilize the services that Google provides. Besides that i think the Nexus 4 is great. The simplistic display used on the galaxy nexus with the higher build quality offered by LG is a great combination. If their was one thing i hated about the G Nex it was the Plastic design. For the people who complain about a MICROSD slot. ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN and for this price. Why complain?

A lot of people are wondering about a Verizon or Sprint version. How can we find out? How do we NORMALLY find out? Does a Sprint exec have to chime in and say "we're working on one too"? Or are we just in the dark completely until an official release from them?

I really wish there was a 32gb variety for $400 but oh well, still totally buying it. Been waiting to get back to a nexus for too long.

The wireless charging is awesome, I hope they leverage that for a car dock too, I'd be all over that in a second!

It grew on me. Kinda liking it now. However i love my nexus by samsung. Maybe i get it. Or get the note 2. Still thinking. Kinda wish it had 32gb but 16 is good enough. Do wish it had lte or even hspa+42 but 21 is good enough.

Looks like the CDMA networks are out of luck this time around. I'd pass anyway on this one. Hopefully next fall brings the Nexus back to its roots with an HTC.

Rumor mill when I was in Norway last month was Motorola for the next nexus phone, but with the new platform of multiple nexus devices I wouldn't be surprised to see a new one or ones within 6 months

I wish that Android Central (and the rest of the world) would quit giving press to this phone. As much as I love Google, no LTE, and more importantly, only 16 gb storage makes this device completely unusable for anything but testing apps (and then, only a few at a time). The only way to tell Google that this is unacceptable is to act as though the phone doesn't exist.

This clearly shows your lack of willingness to follow current trends, local storage doesnt need to be that much. Cloud storage really is the way of the future, adopt now before you have no choice. Lack of LTE for now just blocks carriers who take too much control over their networks and devices, sucks for you, if you don't like it, dont buy it, the rest of us will.

Whatever... Reading the post regarding this phone would put your opinion in the minority. The "cloud" is OK, but for most of us that are being squeezed by the megabyte for data usage, accepting this is going to be costly in the long run. Data storage is so cheap and compact these days it's ridiculous to force us to use the cloud.

Your only "squeezed for data" if your on Verizon or AT&T. T-Mobile offers true unlimited data so using this phone on their network make perfect sense.

I really hope the nexus 4 has a better wifi chip than the nexus 7. I have an atrix that get a good deal better reception and speed than my nexus 7.

Shame about it not having LTE, was looking forward to using this on the UK's first 4g network... does the optimus G have LTE?

Ohh god I cannot wait for the wireless charging.. THE FUTURE IS HERE!! Gotta love it. I'll just have to learn live with using google play music.