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French national newspaper Le Figaro is reporting that Google and LG will debut the next Nexus smartphone, dubbed "Nexus 4," later this month. According to the paper, the device will make its global debut on Oct. 29, before coming to France on the Vodafone-owned SFR network in December. If true, the Oct. 29 date could point to an unveiling at Dive Into Mobile conference in New York, as has been previously rumored.

The wording of Le Figaro's article suggests a product launch alongside the announcement on Oct. 29. This would make it the first Nexus smartphone to become available immediately upon announcement since the original Nexus One. It'd also point to the Nexus 4 being released primarily via the Google Play devices store, as that's the only feasible way such a launch could be pulled off. Of course, it's also possible Le Fig just got its wires crossed, and that Oct. 29 is only the announcement date after all.

It's the second time we've heard the "Nexus 4" name today -- this morning the name appeared in a leaked photo from the Carphone Warehouse's inventory system. The name could refer to it being the fourth Nexus smartphone, or its 4.7-inch screen.

So it certainly looks like the next Nexus launch isn't far off. Stick with Android Central for all the details as they emerge.

Source: Le Figaro


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LG Nexus 4 to launch Oct. 29, says French newspaper


More like Nexus 5...closer to 5 inches (4.7) than 4. Love android, but these ginormous phones are pushing me away!!! Moto Razr M did it right.

I couldn't agree more. I have interest in a phone above 4.5" and that's even pushing it. I would love to see flagship phones available in 2 size... Normal and gorilla hand size

I'm going to assume that you meant to say that you "have *NO* interest in a phone above 4.5" and that's even pushing it."

That said, do you understand that there is another quarter of an inch that is technically "screen size" due to the soft buttons? It's kinda like extending your car's windshield so that it stretches under the hood of the car and then saying that your windshield is bigger than the rest. Unless you're in full screen video, the GNex has the same screen size as the OG EVO 4G.

Do you people have tiny hands or something? I've been using a 4.6" phone for a year now, I can't imagine going any smaller as it just isn't as awesome. Nothing's better than a big AMOLED on a high-end device.

no hope...this program was debunked as a hoax I thought.

I am not convinced of I will wait to see if Samsung release a Nexus of their own next time.

I don't "mind" the limited storage but i'd prefer an external slot for an sd card. However what really bugs me is if 16gb is the maximum you can get. Seriously 16gb? The mobile internet around the UK is no where near good enough and affordable enough to make it a reasonable solution and use google music.

I could deal with 16GB IF we could unlimited plans here in the US for LTE. I mean, if I didn't have to worry about caps or even being throttled I wouldn't worry about storage so much.

With the Nexus 7 it seemed to be a cost-saving measure, but more and more I think it's Google trying to force people to use cloud services.

I want expandable storage I NEED removable batteries unless it has a MAXX sized battery. The M is quite compelling, but that battery isn't going to cut it for "power" users.

bwahaha and never get updates even if you own a nexus? and pay an absorbent amount of money for crap? lmao.

I'm not even rooted and I have Jelly Bean on my Verizon Nexus. How many other non-Verizon Android phones can say they are on Jelly Bean? And I bought my Nexus for 1 cent. I don't really think that is exorbitant. And like Rugby said, you can't beat the network. You get what you pay for.

You shouldn't have to root a Nexus device to get an update. If you're rooting to get updates in a timely manner, it's not a Nexus.


Holy crap...

EXORBITANT! I try to reign in my inner-grammar fascist, but that has to be the single most... grr... argh... FRACK! GET A DICTIONARY!

Dude. I have no idea how your argument is even valid. What on Earth does coming to Verizon solve? Now you have an 8GB phone and a CAPPED DATA LIMIT. So... Refuse to give me adequate space, which then forces me to use my data connection, which you're then going to bend me over once I go over the limit?

I'm surprised I haven't seen it said yet, but it's seriously like Google and the carriers have some kind of agreement...

I misunderstood his comment. I thought he was telling PEOPLE to come to Verizon to solve all of their problems - I read it now to understand that he's asking the PHONE to come to Verizon.

I agree with the latter - I think it should be everywhere.

And just like that, without a single shot fired from the other camp, Google kills the nexus line all on it's own. The other fourms must be laughing their a$$'s off.

I can deal with the big size of the phone in addition to the battery if it's a very good sized capacity. As far as the onboard storage it would be nice if it was more then 16GB but I could find a way to manage and adjust.

Selling it through Google Play directly from day 1 is an important step. I would say that it is better to keep the carriers completely out of the loop here. If one of them want to pick up a Nexus, it should be a completely standardized model - i.e. the same as Google sells through Play.

Not a single carrier modification or alteration should be allowed. It is time to take this step. It is also obvious that all kinds of exclusivity deals for Nexii should be banned.

I would even say that I am skeptical against the idea of making CDMA versions of the Nexus. The only time I would see it as feasible is if such a radio can be integrated in parallel with the GSM/UMTS one.

The necessary step for the US is ONE device - not different versions. Even if there has been some improvements with the S III and Note II, the basic problem persists: each carrier has their own version.

I dont get it... I say google should push to have it on all carriers.. Excluding the biggest carrier in the US isnt very smart business wise

why all the hubub about the screen size? if you own the current Galaxy Nexus, the screen is 4.65". The rumor on this one is 4.7". that is barely an increase in size.....or is my math off? Am I missing something here?

i would like to see a 5" display but in the same form factor as the G-Nex. ie use less bezel.

This is so stupid and backwards to name it the Nexus 4 when they just had a Nexus 7 tablet. I'm sorry, whoever can't keep track of numbers at Google needs to be fired ASAP. I'm just sayin.

I believe the 4 could mean 4", Nexus 7 is the 7", there's still room for the rumored Nexus 5 by HTC or Samsung, and Nexus 10 being the bigger Samsung tablet.

I'm sorry yet it makes no sense to me. I'm counting exactly 7 Nexii devices.

The G1
The Nexus
The Nexus S
Galaxy Nexus
Motorola Droid
Motorola Xoom
And Nexus 7

Getting technical, there is also the Nexus Q. BUT only 3 of those devices are Nexus phones (G1 is not). I don't get the Droid tho...

Wait... What?...

How is the G1 NOT a Nexus and it received timely updates more than these super phones that we have that are no good in a year's time?.. Because the PR guy at the time didn't think of it the name "Nexus"? Google hasn't really defined what a Nexus is, I mean look at the Q. I don't see the Q getting Jelly Bean, it's communities like this that define what a Nexus is, a device with no bloatware, unlocked bootloader, no skins, and timely updates. Basically a jailbroken iPhone, right?..

The Motorola Droid by all means was a Nexus because let's face it, 3 out of the 4 things I mentioned a Nexus "should" be is that, with the Motorola Droid. While I never owned a Motorola Droid so I'm not sure if there was any bloatware, if not, I guess I'm 4 for 4.

Anyway, as I said, the Nexus 7 seems to be more of a number concerning Nexus devices rather than inches. If that's the case, then we know who names Sprint phones like the Samsung Galaxy S2 4G touch.

Sorry, but you're 100% wrong. The Nexus 7 is named Nexus 7 because it's a 7inch tablet. Period. That's why the 10" one will be called the Nexus 10.
The Xoom was not a Nexus device. Nor was the G1. The Nexus/Nexus S was stupidity on HTC's part, but really no different than the iPhone 3 and 3GS.

You're wrong. The Nexus S was made by Samsung. The Nexus 4 gets its name from being the 4th Nexus phone. If the LG Nexus has a 4 inch screen then it will be a failure, in my opinion. Now, if they put a 4.7 inch edge to edge screen and decrease the bezel that would be awesome.

My bad, I still had a death grip on my Pre at the time.
I don't get the bezel complaints. Go edge to edge and you're going to have all sorts of issues with misclicks from holding the phone.

It's all good brother. I personally don't have a problem with bezel, I just think it would be cool if they could minimalize bezel like with the Razr M. But, I do agree that if the bezel is too small and the screen too big you would never get anything accomplished with the phone, unless there was some kind of technology built into future iterations of Android that prevented input from the edges.

I'm sorry but I think you should reread my post. If the G1 wasn't a nexus phone then I clearly don't know what a nexus means. It was a Nexus phone for having no skin, no bloat, straight support from Google but it wasn't a nexus phone? So what's the difference between that and the Galaxy Nexus? The Xoom wifi got timely updates from Google as well. But... It's not a Nexus. Like I said, I won't speculate because I knew someone would be like "It's not a nexus cause it doesn't say Nexus" and not question themselves what a really Nexus is and or does that defines a Nexus. I've said Nexus so many times in these 3 posts I feel like shaking the man's hand who came up with the name "Nexus" and cuddling up next to him having a beer by the fireplace and ask him several questions what made him think of the name "Nexus". But I dare not question him what I nexus is or does. I mean, Cmon, they called the Q a Nexus.

If this is the phone that was whispered about all over the internet yesterday that LG made it will probably get attacked by Apple too. "They stole our (iNsert generic phone name here) iPhone 5 designs... booo hooo...

So this is it? LG Nexus and nothing else? I'm still hoping for Samsung and HTC to get in the mix. If not then I'm just going to hold on to my Galaxy Nexus.

Right about now I'm praying the multiple manufacturers thing is true, The rumor where there would be 5 devices this year.(well it's been proven to be partially true so far with Asus doing the N7, LG doing the "N4", Samsung to be rumored to be doing the 10.1, HTC possibly to be making the 5 inch one). So let's hope that this phone is like the N7 of phones and there will be a more high end model available. This could very well be their midlevel phone hence why only being offered in 8 and 16gb

Other then the rumored limited amount of internal storage, what about this is midlevel to you? I don't see how it could get THAT much better at this point. I'm all for better specs so maybe you can prove me wrong, but I dont see it.

No removable battery = No purchase from me. I went through three iClones with battery problems and will never buy a phone again that I can't easily replace the battery in.

If the rumors that it will launch packing only 8GB of storage and no SD slot are true I don't care what they call it. I just know I won't be calling one, "Mine".

Doesn't seem like much of an upgrade. I wonder if the OS will feel different in any way from the galaxy nexus?

No LTE/carrier discount = no Nexus for me. Not paying $600 for a phone w/o 4G LTE. Will settle for a Note II on Verizon to replace my Rezound.

Not sure if your aware but verizon wouldnt carry it if it didnt have LTE, period. This is the international verson. If Verizon gets it I can guarentee it will have LTE. I can almost also guarentee that it will have more storage just like the current nexus. The Iphone was the only exception to that no LTE rule lol just because its the Iphone..

Will definitely try out this one from gizmotakeout or rentacell, just to know what all other older versions of Android cannot do

well guess i will pass on this nexus. why would they make a non removable battery device so when the battery dies for good you have to buy a new device only way i would support such a stupid idea is lg covers the battery for 2 years the length of a new contract no sd card support dumb everyone doesn't always have great coverage to access a cloud leave clouds to that fruit company. lg samsung htc etc let's keep making our devices more and more like how the fruit company makes theirs. dont want this nexus i'll stick to my current nexus

Its the Nexus 4 because its the 4th nexus phone. Nexus One, nexus s, galaxy nexus and nexus 4. The G1 and original droid were Google experience devices (ie completely stock) but not nexus devices.

And yes I Will be getting one asap.this time I'm getting one from the Google play store and using an AT&T Sim card Though.