Nexus 4 by LG

And here we have another video of the LG Nexus 4, which might or might not be announced today. Looks like this one comes from Three in Sweden. As it so happens, we've got a Swede on staff (more than one, now that we think about it).

The video talks up the beautiful, thin design of the "Nexus 4 by LG." It mentions the power button on the right-hand side, and the volume and micro SIM on the left. (Nothing we couldn't tell by watching, of course.) "Here is the familiar pure Android interface," it continues. Folders, main menu. Fast web browsers, high-resolution screen.

Also mentioned is the status bar, with "easily accessible settings." And, indeed, there are quick settings, though different than we might have expected.

Update: And the video's been pulled, as we figured it would.

Thanks, Dennis!


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LG Nexus 4 outed on video by carrier in Sweden


Yeah I'm hoping Sprint gets the Nexus 4, if not than I wouldn't advise getting the LG optimus G.. The only was that I could live with having 8gb-16gb of storage w/o expandable. Is if it was a Nexus device.

Yep looks like it but that's easily done with 3rd party launchers like nova and apex which keep the stock look.

Looks pretty slick...curious about that menu access via the notification pull-down that pulls up the volume and brightness sliders in the video. Must be one of the incremental features of 4.2?

I noticed the 5 columns too. I'm not compelled to give up my GNex for this, unless it has far better radios. How are the radios on LG compared to Motorola?

Besides the obvious bump in power, I actually kinda miss using my GNex. If I could get a good price for my S3 I can see myself selling it and riding out with the GNex until something big drops on VZW again.

Looks better than the pictures but still a little on the thick side. I think it is clear that Google is not trying to over engineer top of the line expensive products like Apple and is instead going for middle of the road devices with lower price points. Google will push selling this on Google Play for a reasonable price instead of under contract through carriers. This will still be a great phone, but to lower the price they are not overly concerned with setting records for thinness, specs, and storage. Instead it will be just like a top of the line device 6 months ago.

am sorry but a top of the line phone 6months ago was a GS3 and HOX, this has twice the ram, and a vastly superior CPU and GPU, which not only trounces the competition, it does so being smaller (28nm) using less heat.

Also... its a nexus and stock android, with updates by google means you get all the plus points of an apple device, as well as all the plus points of an android device.

I have the GS3 and this does not look like it will be much better. Obviously it uses the newer snapdragon which is a quad core instead of dual because the quad s4 was not out 6 months ago but the ram is the same as my Sprint GS3. Camera will likely be about equal with the GS3 and it may even be thicker even without an microsd card slot and removable battery like the GS3 has. Once again, it's not like this is a bad phone, it's just looks like they are trying to save some $ in a couple places rather than over engineer it...but this is more LG's fault than Googles (unless Google told them what to do). I don't think there is 1 hardware feature that will be stand out on this phone.

Anyone else having trouble viewing it on mobile? I keep getting a "this video is private" message.

I'll just patiently await for the official US announcement.

I think it looks great! (I saw the video before it became 'Private'). I wasnt sure about the silver trim ring on the front, but I am really digging it. And yes, it does look a little thicker, but I wouldnt mind that.

Yep Engadget has it, is does look really fat. No Curved glass, I really don't like that. I Loved that the nexus was curved.

Just watched it at engadget... not any less disappointed. I really can't understand why anyone with the galaxy nexus would buy this. Why would anyone buy this over a Galaxy Note 2?

frustrated with google...

Because a Galaxy Note 2 off contract is expensive and it has Touchwiz. I rather have a phone at a lower price with a pure Google experience.

New phones aren't generally targeted at folks who have bought a phone in the last year. That's not who most of the buyers will be. Most will be folks coming out of 2 (or even 3) year contracts.

As for why would you buy this over a Note 2... Seriously? One, a Note 2 is too large for some people. Two, it's a Nexus, not some hyperskinned device that will get an OS update in god knows how long. Three, general personal preference. This is why Android kicks Apple's ass.... Choice.

I am thinking of buying it over the Note 2 (if it comes to Verizon) for a few reasons:

Pure Google - No Samsung overlay (my preference)
Fast OS updates since its a Nexus
More pocketable
Likely less out of pocket on contract ($299 is a lot on contract)
and finally, HOPEFULLY no horrible Verizon Branding! ;-)

In all realism - It's between the Note 2, HTC DLX (DNA) and this LG Nexus 4 for my next device. Each has their own pluses and minuses. However, my list might be cut to two if this doesn't come to Verizon!

The screen is likely to be better than the GNex's and it's a more manageable size than the Note 2. I've got large manly man hands and whenever I look at the Note in the store, I think, "Is this a joke? Some sort of gag prop phone for a Slightly Shrinking Man costume?" Anything much larger than 4.7" is tough to use with one hand (that's what she said!), so the Note is either for basketball players or two hands.

They have already upgraded a few places to "pseudo-LTE" i.e. the european version of LTE actually.

So, for about € 540 (3.999 kr) you could have the 16 GB version (educated guess that 'Intern hukommelse 16GB' is the internal memory); I want

It may be a tad cheaper in other european countries since we usually get the highest premium on electronic devices (atleast that i know of)

But it's still a good 60-100€ or so cheaper than most high-end phones at launch

yea...i'm not diggin that whole chrome shiny edge on the phone...WHY THE FUCK WOULD THEY MAKE IT LOOK LIKE THE LAST ONE IS SAMSUNG REALLY LOSING CREATIVITY!!??? -___- smh

Considering LG is making the Nexus 4, NOT SAMSUNG, the issue here isn't Samsung's creativity but your reading comprehension skills. SMH, indeed.

Man running paranoid android JB on my evo 4g lte looks exactly like this and I doubt there is little gain in performance. I think i'll wait for the next one. Plus with a 64GB SD card I get way more storage.

wow...if is true then im starting to think that after the Nexus One every phone sucked theres nothing new abpout this device
Google needs to start making phones with Asus theyll be so much better