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Some official information was released just earlier today on the larger Optimus G Pro headed to Korea, and now LG has spilled the beans on the new version of the device. This Optimus G Pro, which from the press images has quite a striking design, will come with the aforementioned 5.5-inch 1080x1920 display on the front and a slightly redesigned back. The back plate is using a similar square pattern from the original Optimus G, but with a curved glass covering that LG says creates a "2.5D" effect.

As for the internals, we're a little low on specifics at this point. LG is saying that device will have a quad-core processor along with the new, larger HD display and doesn't give much more information beyond that. LG is giving a release window of late February for the device in Korea, and until then we can at least drool over these great press images. We'd expect to get a look at the device come MWC in a couple weeks as well.

Source: LG (Translated); Via: Engadget

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Alex949 says:

Looks awesome but I'd rather stick it out with the Optimus G, not a fan of 5+ inch screens

I would be interested to see this 2.5D in person..

Bruh-Man says:


themuffinman says:

I looks pretty decent in my opinion.

PWC Realtor says:

That better not be a physical home button. #fail

Suntan says:

Personally, I'm glad more manufacturers are sporting a physical home button.


What else would it be? Self destruct?

crester says:

I actually LIKE physical home buttons.

Magnus#AC says:

Rip off of Samsung Galaxy Note II, but much more beautiful looking. I hate the disgusting home button though.

Magnus#AC says:

Rip off of Samsung Galaxy Note II, but much more beautiful looking. I hate the disgusting home button though.

makailey3111 says:

Looks like a complete rip off of the galaxy note 2. Until LG proves that they can support there devices with updates, will pass and stay with my Note 2

crxssi says:


Bruh-Man says:


zer0th says:

Must have one!!! :(

SoreAintya says:

LG designer #1- "Samaungs really onto something with their 5 inch device"
LG designer #2- "If it ain't broke don't fix it..."

Introducing the new LG Optimus "G"alaxy Note Pro!!

marisdaman says:

⇧ツThat's funny. Good one sir.

linzgeneral says:


Possible specs & looks aside(semi-sammy ripoff lol) LG has obviously been trying to make efforts in the right direction even if their updates have been few & far between gotta give the guys credit. We as an android community need more OEMs available for that amazing choice we have that other mobile smartphone OS's don't. Please LG make sure to do the right thing in the end.

Voliam says:

It takes two hands to handle the whopper....

crester says:

Looks like they did a good job of making the bezel really small so the overall dimensions aren't that big.