LG Nexus phone LG Nexus phone

Design characteristics match previous leaks, no new information revealed

A grouping of curious leaks from Google promotional videos and the FCC have people sniffing around for the next Nexus phone, and the latest leaks may give us the best look yet at the unreleased device. Pictures and videos obtained by 9to5Google show off a "Nexus" phone with very similar characteristics and design to what we've seen previously pass through the FCC as an LG-D820.

We get a good shot of the back and front, as well as a still of the boot animation — which looks oddly like the Google Play edition animation. The back plate looks to have a soft touch material and is rather blocky with curved top and bottom edges, a large camera pod in the top left and a Nexus logo running vertically along the back. Naturally there is an LG logo at the bottom under a "Not For Sale" etching.

This particular unit naturally looks much more final and finished than the earlier pictures from the FCC, but as we all know things can change drastically during pre-production and prototype stages. 

9to5Google claims the pictures and video come from a bar employee who took a look at the phone when it was left unattended (yes, really) and had time to snap a few pictures and two brief videos, which you can find below.

Evidence is really building that this device, whatever it may be called, is an upcoming Nexus phone from Google. At this point, however, we're still left waiting for any real information about the phone.

Source: 9to5Google

LG Nexus phone


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LG-made Nexus device shows up in pictures, brief videos


I think that's a gr8 choice to put the camera on the corner. Most photos are taken with the phone in landscape mode, and in this way the fingers won't get in the way while taking photos.

this! maybe it's just I was holding it wrong or have freakishly large hands but my hand/fingers photo bombed many a pics on my GNex.. don't have that problem on the Nexus 4.

Going from the old N7 to the new model (also moved the camera to the corner), I was initially skeptical but am now sold. It's perfect,and yes, everyone should be shooting in landscape unless there's a specific need to do so. I've broken the habit and my pictures look much less amateur.

Not so. I take rock climbing photos, and in the vertical world, portrait is the norm.

Psyched to see this one come out, and hand down my S4 Active to my daughter. (It's laggy btw.)

This also gives us a little more of a view of Android 4.4 KitKat.....lockscreen clock looks a little bigger, the power-on logo is more colorfully rounded and the screen- sleep function does a TV animation. Either that or I'm goin' crazy......probally the second one -_- Anyway, I'm excited to see what the Big G holds for the future of Nexus®. I'm also praying that they release a Nexus Smartwatch along with everything. シ✔✔


It was never mentioned that this was Kit Kat. If you look at the lockscreen, the date shows August 29, so it could very well have been running Jelly Bean at that point.

And I don't know where you've been but that screen off animation has been here since Gingerbread. :P

You're actually making the assumption that just because there's a big camera pod on this device that there's an optical zoom? Have to think that's pretty much impossible to fit in a device this thin with current technology.

He was poking fun at the barely usable digital zoom. And I might say, owning an HTC one, zoomed in pictures aren't that great at all. Even slightly. If you want to zoom in on something, you might as well just get as close as possible to it.

Posted via Android Central App

Digital zoom becomes less viable the fewer pixels you have to work with. That's where the 4MP One is going to falter, all other things being equal.

Yes. Of course. But the quality will be better the more you have to work with.

I'm not slagging on the One, just stating a fact. I just bought one for my son a week ago and am impressed.

Once again, he was just poking fun at its unusability. He wasn't talking about optical zoom, Andrew.

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hmmm HTC One is getting Kit Kat and from what I can tell the camera can zoom. 4mp aint so bad...esp with the way how the images are processed...just cant blow up the picture to like 8x10...sides...I dont think anyone will blow up say a selfie that big to begin with...lol

Yep...The Nokia 1025 is 41Mp...imagine trying to email a 41Mp picture to anyone....Yes, you can comress them, but, fuck....

Yes it takes 2 photos for every photo. A 5 MP to email or post and a full 38 MP to keep, crop etc. Not sure how you get those off the storage, I guess hook up the micro usb and than save to computer? Seems like that would eat up your 32GB storage. I am trying to fight the urge to get the Nokia 1020 or the moto x.

Seeing this makes me think the Nexus is coming and I need to hold out!

The Zune software lets you back up the stuff on your phone.

Posted via the Amazing Android Central App on my Nexus 10

It's still a digital zoom, though, isn't it? Why on earth would you want to use digital zoom when all it does is crop and enlarge?

I'm really asking this question because the idea of using digital zoom just doesn't make ANY sense to me.

Because having optical zoom on a phone camera would make it incredibly thick.

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Digital zoom will save on file size, compared with optical zoom. Of course that's because all it does is crop, rather than supply more detail.

LOL!! FailTC and SamsungSuck can't touch pure Google. Only in the mind of a fanboi would anyone repeat what you just said.

Only someone with the mind of a pure Google/Nexus fanboi would repeat what you just said.

Posted via an HTC Thunderbolt

Best argument ever! The Nexus is my next phone. I have a Note 2, but I'd rather have a pure android experience! Not to mention timely updates!

Posted by someone who is watching you...right now

Feels only to me that the guy on the first video wasn't touching the screen, but was hovering the finger? Some kind of air gesture maybe?

Hopefully that's not permanent. I like the blue! Honestly, with how simple the android ui is, we should just be able to change the accent color to whatever

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If you look at the signal bar at the start of the second video it has turned blue just before he switches off the screen. Probably the signal bars and Wifi still turn blue when connected to Google's servers. Battery icon does still look to be white though, so there are definitely changes.

Come to daddy! My next phone! Just a little longer on the Verizon GNex. Going back to AT&T for this bad boy!

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Dog gone it,I was dead set on a Note 3,now this.Please make it stop!!!!

Sent from my HTC One rockin Jelly Bean 4.1.2

Looks like some haggard college apartment to me, not a bar. Either way this device is gonna be sick!

Trolling? This phone is smaller than the Nexus 4 and has a larger screen... Perhaps you meant "Nexus Bezel-less"?

If its anything like the new Nexus 7 back, it is definitely more grippy than most other plastic or glass phones out there.

Posted from the incredible new Nexus 7

I've got to stop drinking so much,I just tend to leave my Nexus anywhere. Lol!!

Sent from my HTC One rockin Jelly Bean 4.1.2

Well if this is the same device as passed through the FCC and we trust those dimensions, the phone has about a 4.95-inch screen.

How do you know? No way to tell by looking at a pic. It has to be bigger than 5"

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Because there already have been a handful of other leaks, including a FCC doc showing the exact specs, including a 4.96 display, in a body that approx 131mm long--shorter than both the Nexus 4 and a Galaxy S4.

How do you know? No way to tell by looking at a pic. It has to be bigger than 5"

Wait...How can you tell if their is noway you can tell by looking at a pic.... :/

did anyone notice that the clock is different vs. Jelly Bean? font is consistent (no bold numbers) and it is off-center. must be the Kit Kat.

I smell a contest... Whoever correctly guesses the announcement and/or launch date gets a free Nexus "5," courtesy of AC!!!

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Yeah Google will give the release date when they actually announce it, that's a pointless question to ask us (none of whom work for Google you you realize).

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That doesn't make the UI controls easy to access. Even at 4.7 inches I shift my phone around in my hand to reach all the controls on the opposite side.

"Left unattended in a bar." Again, really?
Sometimes this Tech World gets very close to actual satire.

Awesome A C

I hope that plastidip looking back is just a damn decoy. Next to the Nexus 4 this 5 should be the 4 and the 5 the 4 :p

Anyone confused yet????

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The matte back of the new Nexus 7 is great. I own one and it feels much more premium than slippery plastic. I suspect thenew Nexus phone will have a similar back.

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I agree with you, I really like the material used on the nexus 7 2013 feels really nice in the hand so I wouldn't mind it at all.

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Whyyyy does it have to be so ugly :p... I don't care for the specs being high end if its this ugly lol. I know I know, as android fans, we look under the hood, we don't swoon for prettiness over functionality. But with the n5 looking like this, i feel no need to upgrade from my beautiful and powerful n4 :3

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Looks like it's following the design style of the Nexus 7, which IMO was a huge improvement aesthetically over the last generation Nexus. The plastic on the Nexus is a nice soft touch matte finish that doesn't show fingerprints nearly as much as most other devices. I like the look a lot.

It looks better than the Nexus 4 so what you're saying doesn't make sense...

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lol. Unattended in a bar. The next version of Google Now is going to have to make these prototype devices self destruct the the owner walks into a bar with them.

So one front facing speaker. Hoping for a possible second one with a clearer pic. But it's just hoping.

That's the earpiece, homie, which I'm curious to hear more about ; )

If it follows the G2, it'll have stereo speakers on the bottom edge. Here's to hoping! Can't wait (even though my N4 is by no means long in the tooth).

If the price was the same, I'd still go for the Moto X over this new Nexus because of the form factor and active notifications (assuming KitKat doesn't get it too). But if the price keeps to what Nexus phones were recently, then it's going to make it very difficult to decide.

I have the Moto X and I love it a lot . But I won't be able to sell it fast enough when the Nexus 5 comes out.

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Could buy the nexus 5 and install dynamic notifications... Works like active notifications and works great even on my LCD optimus G without any significant drain on battery.

Posted via Android Central App

We are getting closer and closer. Google, announce this phone already. We need that delicious kitkat!

Not every one have an UNLIMITED DATA plans this is why I ask for the SD card storage...

Posted via Android Central App

I like SD Cards too, but I'm willing to give the cloud a chance. Most of the time I'm around WI-FI so its not that big of a deal, personally. I have to have at least 32gb of internal storage, though. :-)

Posted via an HTC Thunderbolt

It's a Nexus device, so it's never going to happen. It's pointless to keep bringing it up...

Posted via Android Central App

They want us to see the status bar: white icons.

Deduction: new lighter theme!

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, but to be sure, I'll ask the tree around the corner, that got fried during the storm last night, lol.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, its on its last leg, but it does its job... Kind of. :-)
I get my upgrade in December, that can't come soon enough.

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When the leaks and renders were leaked wasn't it AC that said they don't believe in posting about rumors and that we don't know anything about the Nexus 5 and what we saw might not be the device at all? Guess they were wrong just like they were about the Nexus 4 not having LTE (granted it was only one band but it did in fact get LTE service)

Just go away then...

A picture is a little more than a rumor.

Smashed on my HTC One with the AC App.

Reads Mrs Hades to me,.never thought about it the other way but I guess I see that now.

Posted via Android Central App

to be honest it really does look just like a smaller Nexus 7 with the Black ring, the matte finish and tall bezels, either way im going to try and own it straight away.... "S4 goes on swappa"

I can't wait for this phone to come out. Get in my hands and join my htc one.

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Haha the people “passing" will regret it when we are getting updates and they are stuck on jellybean haha. Nexus 5 ftw

Posted via Android Central App

I'm happy with the Nexus 7 as my exclusive nexus device. While upgrading from the Gnex to what looks like the Note 3 once it's offered by VZW on Oct.10th. LG seems to be doing well with it's handsets recently!

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Seriously, with that back material and the camera design, this is starting to look more like a Nexus 7 (2013) mini. :P

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Rather strange the device is plugged in and charging. But that's why it was left unattended. The person was at a bar hanging out, it was dead and needed a charge. Smart quick thinking employee spotted it. Or Google does stuff like this on purpose lol.

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Ok first: SUPER EXCITED!!!


Does anyone else find it odd that the date on the phone in the video is August 29th? That is BEFORE even the kitkat video leak. Why would someone with such video stay silent on it until now?! Presumably whoever took the video is the kind of person who knows what a Nexus is and therefore probably has some awareness of the tech community. Why only leak it now?

It just seems suspicious that our best leak of the phone existed since August 29th and didn't leak until now unless this was somehow staged by Google. And if it was staged by Google (along with possibly the other leaks) wouldn't that suggest that they are building up to the release of the phone, perhaps sooner rather than later.

Wishful thinking I know but it is a bit odd...

Just noticed the date on the phone, it was recorded on August 29th. Over two weeks ago. And it took this long to leak.

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That's one nasty bar. Jesus. Maybe they should get a rag and clean things up a bit. And what's with the sweetener and plastic cups?

That's why removable batteries are important. If they could have just swapped the battery out like on a Samsung phone you wouldn't have to leave it around a bar to charge.

If you could remove the battery, then you could move around without the gov't tracking you. Certain people wouldn't like that.

Lol, left unattended... Sure...

I see they still haven't gotten rid of the stupid choppy CRT animation yet. It was so much smoother in the gingerbread days. I wish they would just use the fade out like the Nexus 7. Oh well. I still want one.

again no accessories.. no cases..docking station...battery case... no one want to create anything for LG Nexus... what about implementing some better sound chip in Nexus..if Chinese Vivo Xplay can have it why we still can't see it in our phones... Nexus must be special...something everyone will desire to buy..

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What's up with the large camera ring around the lens on the back? Why take up that much space? And why landscape with the Nexus logo? Not feeling that. Hardware wise I'm not liking what I'm saying. Liking my N4 better. Hopefully that's not final shell...

Posted via Android Central App

Don't know about the area around the lens, but I suspect the landscape orientation of the Nexus logo is for involuntary advertising by the phone owner.
Think about it, a phone is most visible to other people when you are holding it up to take a photograph. Most photographs are taken while holding the phone in a landscape orientation, with the back of the phone facing away from the owner towards other people. In this position people can see the large Nexus logo more clearly. Granted the effectiveness of this could easily be countered by having a TPU protective cover on the phone, but for those using a "naked" Nexus it is free advertising of the brand.

I wonder how much was paid for the phone to be left unattended. Lol. I think its a controlled leak from Google. If they can keep the whole Kit Kat thing a secret for as long as they did, then it seems funny that this is getting leaked.

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Haha... drunk Google employee gets up to take a leak and the bar tender just happens to be an Android leakER.

So I am now trying to find faults in my beautifully working NEXUS 4 so that I give myself an excuse to buy the Nexus 5 :-P

Sent from Nexus 4 using Android Central app

Same here. I'm somewhat disappointed that the design hasn't changed much. And the N4 isn't a slouch in any way, nor is it short on RAM.

I've never owned a Nexus but the upcoming Nexus 5 has my interest piqued... Over the past couple days though, I've read about the July '13 Jelly Bean 4.3 update which introduced various problems for Nexus 4s (and it seemed to have been widespread and not a few isolated incidents). I believe I read that a non-numbered minor update was issued to correct these issues but I'm not sure if that's correct. Have the post-4.3 JB Nexus 4 issues been resolved as of current? Thanks =-)

Can't wait! I love nexus phones because it's the only phone that comes out that you could actually keep two years and be happy with it!

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Ummmm, no hear piece?
I'm suspecting this device will have bone conduction tech like the Google glass?
Because that in the middle looks like the camera.

Can't wait!!!

Dammit I bought my nexus 4 in April. Oh well still a really good phone and how could you keep up with the one year shelf life? The new nexus phone looks really nice though. Looks like its started looking at the LG G2 design. It will be a great phone no matter what.

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Not convinced with soft touch.....
Also not sure I like the camera lens looks weird.
If people also think kitkat wasn't being tested a month ago then they're deluded.
I had hoped for more on the design front. Especially after the n4. Its just a black rubbery backed slate
Doesn't look too much like the Google PIC either when they announced kitkat

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those pictures were taken in a bar or something... i can see hand wipes ,lime wedges n shit

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those pictures were taken in a bar or something... i can see hand wipes ,lime wedges n shit

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I get that a lot of people want a Nexus phone, I just left the Galaxy Nexus and love the stock Android.

But I moved on to the LG G2 and love the phone, the UI is not bad at all and easy to use coming from stock Android plus you get the extras.

My problem with this new Nexus and considering LG is making it is the bezels! The bottom bezel looks way too big and the side bezels look like the same size as the Nexus 4. We know LG can make small bezels now (G2) so why not do it?

What? The phone has a 5" screen but is physically smaller than the N4; they obviously shaved down bezels heavily.

Posted via Android Central App

I wish there was a Nexus with about a 4.3 inch (maybe 4.5) screen along with narrow bezels. I'd bet that would be popular since I hear so much reaction against the super-sizing of phones.

I wonder if there's still a possibility that there will be an improved Nexus 4 along with the Nexus 5? I haven't heard that that's been ruled out.

Honestly, if AT&T didn't reimpose the nasty habit of locking bootloaders, I'd be looking hard at a Note 3. But the inability to do what I want with my phone, coupled with the prohibitive cost of buying off contract, have me looking at a Nexus Device for the first time since the Nexus S.

If LG/Google get the Price/Performance ratio right, I'm going all in.

However, if they price this like a Google play device, I may skip upgrading this year altogether.

Hey, that lag in the unlock sequence looks eerily familiar to my POS Galaxy Nexus. When it works its great, problem is that it only works about 25% of the time.....the other 75% its a laggy pos that I want to throw into oncoming traffic. Personally, im done with Android - every device ive owned has $hit the bed on me, and has quit working as well as it should. Time to give windows phone a try, see if I like it.

I am just ready for an "official" announcement. Ready to upgrade but holding out for this phone. Gotta have a Nexus.