LG Lucid

Here it is, folks, the LG Lucid. It's bringing its 4-inch self to Verizon this Thursday, March 29, for $79 on contract (and after $50 mail-in rebate). And for that you get an Android 2.3 device (with a promise of an upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and a 5MP rear-facing camera. A fairly mid-range device on paper. We'll see how it holds up in actual use.

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LG Lucid hits Verizon March 29


So many carriers getting mid range phones that can compete with Sprint's top end phones now... Come on Sprint!

Also, which spec exactly makes this a midrange phone? I suppose the 4" screen? 480x800 on a 4" screen without pentile would be pretty nice. Otherwise it seems to basically be a Galaxy Nexus.

The price, screen size, etc. it's not a GNEX, or something huge with a quad core. last year I'd have called this phone a top phone.

that's exactly the point. Last year's top hone is this years mid range phone. Most of us are going to dismiss this one (and probably rightly so) but VZW will sell a lot more of these than the Spectrum and Galaxy Nexus.

Yeah it really is past the point of being acceptable. ICS was announced in November and there are handsets being released now that still have GB? I refuse to buy any phone or tablet that is not running the latest OS. This is an example of a lesson Google and handset manufacturers need to take from Apple. Does anyone really believe in these "promises"from the manufacturer anymore?

If you are going to update it in a timely manner then just release it with it or delay it for a few weeks to get ICS out of the box. These manufacturers have proven that once you buy the phone they are done supporting it and move on the next model

I think you are simply failing to understand the length of time it takes to design, build, certify, produce, and ship a new phone model.

Once done, boxed and ready to ship in quantity, with contracts signed, and orders on your desk, holding up the entire release for the next version of the OS that wasn't even available for testing at the time of manufacture is simply not affordable.

Given that EVERYBODY is having a rough time getting ICS out, the job seems evidently much harder than we were lead to believe. You can't sit on a warehouse full of phones while your programming staff is predicts months of struggle to get the new OS running.

Econ 101.

AC - I would ask you to stop putting in things like "2.3 with promise of 4.0." Just list it as 2.3. People should buy the phone for what it is, not a promise of what it could be. With major OS revisions, often times the phone updates cause hosts of instability and other issues. I would suggest buying a phone that is reviewed well and has the OS on it that you want from the beginning.

Remember how well PC's that shipped with XP but where "upgrade-able to Vista" went? Horribly, that's how. The same can be said for many phone upgrades over the years as well. Buy a phone with ICS pre-installed so you can see that it will perform well and be stable before you throw down hard earned dollars.

People should buy the phone for what it is, not a promise of what it could be.


This is not Apple, and we are not talking about iPhones or feature phones.

This is Android, and we EXPECT phones to be upgraded at least once over their life.

Any phone that doesn't even have a promise of the next release is obsolete out of the box.

While all too often sadly accepted in the iPhone world, this mentality has no place in any software device where the software is under continual development. We aren't buying shovels or hammers, or even feature phones here. We expect smartphones to improve with each software release.

This "accept it as it is" mentality is totally out of place in the Android world.

And for the record, most Windows XP machines will work way better with Windows 7 than they do with XP.

Thats not the point.

The point is that we are now at the end of Q1 2012 and almost 5 months since the ICS announcement. There is NO reason that handsets should still be released with anything older. There should only be a "promise" to being upraded if the handset is being released just BEFORE a new OS is released.

Google needs to get their act together and work with the handset manufacturers to make rules for things like this. If you dont comply, then you will not be a "supported" Google/Android handset manufacturer - no exceptions.

Actually, there is a very good reason to release handsets without the "current" OS, The "current" OS might not work well enough. I think it is possible ICS was announced before it was ready, which, is why, we are still waiting for it.

yes, ICS is not perfect, but I think it is worlds above GB. Lets be honest here, do you think the handset manufacturers keep releasing GB handset because they think ICS is a step back? Or do you think it is because it is easier for them to keep pumping out the same handsets over and over?

I agree. In fact, I'd be willing to go as far as to say that, in order to get Android, a manufacturer should be required to support the device and offer all released updates, including major OS updates, for a specified period of time. My preference would be for two years, but I'd say 18 months at a bare minimum. That would also have the effect of weeding out the underpowered pieces of junk that some manufacturers throw out there with no intention of ever upgrading.

And before everyone starts the "but Android is open source...." I am not implying to take that away. All I am saying is that Android should set certain requirements for handset manufacturers if they want to be Google/Android Certified.

Customers will still be able to buy any manufacturer they want, and any company will be able to use Android, BUT you will only be certified if you meet certain strict criteria that includes software and updates, hardware, manufacturer support, etc.

Then the consumer can choose the manufactuerer based on that, and will either know the support they will get (certified), or will just have the empty promises from manufacturers - just as we have now (non certified)

And if a manufacturer does not follow through with the requirements for certification, they will lose that nameplate with NO chance of getting it back.


And if you dont think that this is affecting the Android brand you are wrong. I personally know 3 people that were in the market for Android tablets, and were waiting for ICS to be loaded onto new products out of the box.

Guess what? ALL 3 were tired of waiting and bought iPads. Things like this will be the end of Android.

Google needs to get their s$$t together and put an end to the fragmentation, lack of control over handset manufacturers, constant "beta" stages of apps that never seem to be complete, turnaround time in software rollouts, etc....

The should have named it the LG "Meh".

Galaxy S2 is better in every way and is cheaper. People are still releasing 800x480 phones? Still? Is this still 2009?

There's a place for mid-range Android phones and that place is "Free with 2 yr Contract". Really it doesn't matter, I wouldn't trust LG's "support" as far as I could throw them. Please, if you're in the market for a new Android device spend a little more and get a Moto or HTC handset.

Yawn... Come VZW, lets get something like the HTC One X (I don't mind a Snapdragon S4 in order to get LTE) or the Droid Fighter. Just ship them with ICS (not "promised upgrades") and a decent battery (or better battery life!)

You know, not everyone wants/needs a 4.5-4.7" monster phone with poor battery life. I think it's great that there are mid range phones with these specs. Didn't see any mention of LTE (VZW said all their phones would be LTE going forward. As to GB vs ICS it sure seems like the OEMs are having problems with ICS. I'm sure they didn't say we're going to GB on our phones just to p*$$ off everyone.